#Education 27. May 2020

eBook: How to improve your online patient communication strategy

In the past, dentists have been relying on their reputation and recommendations from satisfied patients in order to build and grow their practice - the traditional word of mouth.

But in 2020 – like it or not – a lot of your potential patients are on social media, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic. You’ll need to adapt to this situation and engage patients through different online platforms, be it blogging, (paid) social ads and/or video marketing. But these techniques don’t have to be expensive or complicated… find out more here! 

Download the free eBook “How to improve your online patient communication strategy” now and get started! All content has been co-created with experts in the field. 

Three chapters will guide you through the process of video creation and provide digital marketing tips as follows:

  • Chapter 1: A selection of insights and recommendations for the production of high-quality selfie videos to engage your audience.
  • Chapter 2: Time to focus on the message. Tips and suggestions on how to communicate effectively and convey the right message with the right words.
  • Chapter 3: We have collected best practice examples for you – get some tips and find inspiration for your online and digital marketing activities.

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