#Education 20. Oct 2021

#TimeForPatientJourney: enhance patient touchpoints

December 1&2, 2021

Every member of the practice – owner, practitioner or other dental team member – has a crucial role in the overall patient experience. Each touchpoint with your patients can be optimized to enhance their journey. In this 2-day online symposium, renowned international speakers and leading clinicians will cover practice management and clinical topics in a new and innovative format.

Enhancing patient touchpoints

Clinical and treatment excellence are the basis for good patient care and a smooth, comfortable experience. However, they are not the only factors: you can assume that your patients already have a specific image of you and your practice in mind before they enter your room – think of the classic word-of-mouth recommendation, let alone today’s omnipresent social media communications. Every member of the team should be aware of this and have the right mindset to make the patient’s experience in their practice as pleasant, transparent and smooth as possible. This can further ensure patient continuity and loyalty, further fostering your reputation.

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What makes this event so different?

We are aware that, due to the circumstances, you probably have attended lots of solely virtual educational events lately. That’s why we’ve been thinking about how we can make this symposium even more special and innovative for you. The content will be presented within an interactive platform and will be a combination of:

  • Short lectures
  • #MyExperienceSays: video clips of different professionals sharing their experiences
  • Patient testimonials
  • Live panel discussions
  • Downloadable content

16 international speakers will share their knowledge with you on this matter: Eirik Salvesen, Shakeel Shahdad, Hugo Madeira, Roberto Rosso, Laurence Adriaens, Steven Bongard, Luiz Otavio Camargo, Maja Chmielewska, Luiz Gonzaga, Adam Hamilton, Alberto Ortiz-Vigón, Björn Roland, Donna Sadler, Marlene Teo, Gabor Tepper, Marisa Zenha.


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