Bernita Bush Gissler

Former Head Dental Hygienist, Assistant instructor and clinical Dental Hygienist in the Clinic for Periodontology at the University of Bern, Switzerland. ITI International Team for Implantology member and lecturer. Invited speaker at the EuroPerio 5,6 and 7 international conferences. Freelance lecturer, clinical and hands-on course coordinator, and instructor at national and international conferences and continuing education activities. Member of the Swiss Dental Hygienist Association, the German Dental Hygienist Association (DDHV) Guest member in the SSP (Swiss Society for Periodontology). Member of the German Periodontal Society DGP (Deutscher Gesellschaft für Parodontologie). Elected by the Swiss Dental Hygienist Association: Dental Hygienist of the year 2003. Honored with the “President’s Award for Excellence” in 2008 from the Pierre Fauchard Academy. Author of numerous publications.