Michael Erbshäuser

Dr.med.dent. – Studied dentistry and graduated as Dr. med. dent. from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in 1998. Specialist training for oral surgery at the practice of Prof. Dr. Dr. Paulus, MKG Munich. Qualified specialist in implantology and paradontology by the consensus conference BDIZ, DGI, DGMKG, DGZI, BDO. 2003 to 2005 group practice for oral and maxillofacial surgery Dr. Dr. Zirn in Aalen. Since 2006, Director of Oral Surgery, Dental lininc Mühldorfam Inn. Engaged in implantology since 1999. Speaker at national and international level. ITI Member. dr.erbshaeuser@zahnklinik-muehldorf.de