Gustavo Harfagar

Dr. Harfagar graduated as a Bachelor in Science from the Universidad de Chile and then went to Dental School at Universidad Mayor, in Santiago, Chile. He completed his studies in implantology at the same university. For 10 years he was assistant professor of the Department of Prosthodontics at the School of Dental Medicine of Universidad del Desarrollo and a visiting professor at the Postgraduate School at the same University. In 2016 he attended the ITI Education week at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and Tuff University. He returned to the HSDM for a continuing education course on Digital Restorative Dentistry in 2017. The same year he was named Director of the Digital Restorative Dentistry Program at the Universidad del Desarrollo in Chile. He gives lectures on Dental Digital Technologies both nationally and internationally. Dr. Harfagar has his own practice and 12 years of experience working on esthetic and implant dentistry.