Ben Sellick

After completing his undergraduate dentistry training with honours in Sydney, Ben returned to Adelaide to start a private dental practice. In 2014, he finished his prosthodontics residency at The University of Adelaide, earned his doctorate in clinical dentistry, and registered as a specialist prosthodontist right afterwards. Dr Sellick frequently gives lectures both at home and abroad and is the current Director of the Adelaide ITI Study Club. He belongs to several professional organizations including the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Prosthodontists and has served as the Australian Prosthodontic Society's immediate past president in South Australia. He also works as a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for a number of dentistry companies, consulting as a product reviewer at the industry level. Nearly 1,500 kilometers apart, Ben presently runs two thriving referral-based specialty prosthodontic practices. He appreciates the educational side of prosthodontics and enjoys mentoring local undergraduates and newly graduating dentists. He has a long-standing interest in the digital elements of prosthodontics and how digital components might be used in implant dentistry and sophisticated aesthetic rehabilitation.