Farewell symposium in honour of Prof. Dr. Daniel Buser

Daniel Buser – Decades of excellence, passion and leadership

25 May in Bern, Switzerland

Farewell statements by Profs. Daniel Buser, Stephen Chen, Nicola Zitzmann, David Cochran, and Anton Sculean.

750 participants from 45 countries

More than 20 speakers and moderators, 750 participants from all over the world and numerous industry representatives met last Saturday in the Kursaal in Bern (Switzerland) for the farewell symposium in honour of Prof. Dr. Daniel Buser. A tightly packed and high-quality scientific lecture program kept the audience spellbound from early in the morning until late in the afternoon. During the breaks, curiosity about new products from the exhibiting industrial sponsors could also be satisfied.

“Without Dany, the field of implant dentistry would never be where it is today.” Prof. David L. Cochran

An outstanding mixture of scientific-clinical competence and didactic commitment 

The top-class speakers naturally took the opportunity to highlight not only their exciting clinical content but also the special significance of Prof. Buser's life's work for the field of implant dentistry. Over a period of 20 years, he acted as the Head of the Clinic for Oral Surgery and Stomatology at the Dental School of the University of Bern. With an outstanding mixture of scientific-clinical competence and didactic commitment, he made a significant contribution to the excellent reputation that this institution enjoys worldwide today. 

“One of the key things you have been able to do is to mentor younger people, to give them the confidence, the skills and the ability to take their careers forward in implant dentistry. Dany, thank you so much.” Prof. Stephen Chen

“He has always been able to mentor and motivate the whole team and for this reason, he is one of the megaliths in implant dentistry.” Prof. Anton Sculean

As befits an occasion of this importance, the festive part was not neglected either. The scientific part of the symposium was rounded off by an aperitif and followed by an evening program that was a highlight in itself. 450 participants wanted to experience the gala dinner and were not disappointed - an excellent banquet was loosened up by numerous presentations by companions from teaching and research, former and current students and long-standing partners such as the ITI, Straumann and others. 

“In the ITI we have achieved a team approach, including different disciplines . Daniel was the one who brought this together – for the good of the patient.” Prof. Nicola Zitzmann