New congress by Straumann Group

Esthetic Days – it’s time for the beautiful things

September 6-7 in Baden-Baden, Germany

A beautiful smile is hiding in every one of us just waiting to be revealed

In future, the visual appearance of teeth will increasingly become a focus of attention – hence the importance of esthetics. A beautiful smile is a key feature for attractiveness and well-being. Prevention, modern therapeutic techniques and the increased awareness of oral hygiene have meant that, in future, the emphasis will be on optimization rather than repair, preservation rather than replacement. 

“Our business is not selling implants or intraoral scanners or abutments. Our business is to make people across the world satisfied every day, to give them back their smile and enable them to lead a better life” 

Marco Gadola, CEO Straumann Group at the opening of Esthetic Days

Around 400 visitors, 30 presentations, 1 key topic

As a response to this megatrend, Straumann Group Germany has initiated the “Esthetic Days” congress and, working with the practice marketing agency M:Consult, launched the first event in the internationally popular spa resort of Baden-Baden in South-West Germany. With outstanding presentations by top national and international speakers from science and dental and dental technology practice on subjects such as surgery and implantology, prosthetics and digital workflow, as well as orthodontic solutions, Straumann has once again impressively underlined its goal of becoming the global market leader in esthetic dentistry. Read the full review here (in German).

“We know that, even now, every second patient visits a dental practice for esthetic reasons. Our vision is also headed in this direction: As a one-stop supplier, we want to offer clinicians and dental technicians solutions for giving patients back not only their smile, but also their self-confidence.” 

Holger Haderer, Country Manager Straumann Group Germany

Straumann Live Interviews

With Esthetic dentistry developing into a key driver, patients who are increasingly informed and inspired by the media are proactively seeking esthetic dental care by the practitioner of their choice – with all the corresponding implications, both positive and negative. We asked 7 top experts in the field about their experiences, observations and opinions: Straumann Live@Esthetic Days 

See you at the next Esthetic Days!