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Did you know? Facts about Straumann® Roxolid®

More than solid – Roxolid® . Reducing invasiveness.

Roxolid® is a unique implant material combining both excellent biocompatibility and high mechanical strength. It is a metal alloy composed of ~15 % zirconium and ~85 % titanium which leads to an increased mechanical resistance compared to pure titanium. A higher mechanical resistance of titanium-zirconium alloys compared to pure titanium has been reported by Kobayashi et al. 1995. Roxolid Implants have an up to 40 % higher fatigue strength than comparable titanium implants (Bernhard et al. 2009). In addition, it has been shown that titanium-zirconium alloys have a better biocompatibility than titanium (Ikarashi et al. 2005).