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You need dental treatment and take an active role in finding the right solution. We are here for you focusing on your needs. Find answers to your most urgent questions and see how we fulfill patients’ needs on treatments, comfort, esthetics and affordability.

We work with and for professionals for better patient care. Providing outstanding products, services and education to dental professionals enables them to provide you with reliable treatment. This is our vision. Read more about the Straumann Group and what inspires us.

  • Keep your teeth healthy?

    Keeping your teeth healthy goes beyond brushing and flossing.  We supply solutions to detect and treat signs of inflamed gums and tooth decay at an early stage.  And as pioneer in dental implants we also foster an initiative to keep your implants healthy.

    Ask your dentist about preventive dentistry.

  • Affordable solutions?

    Dental implant treatment is a worthwhile lifelong investment. But is it something you can afford? As Straumann Group we unite multiple brands and offer the most complete dental portfolio. This makes high-quality therapy affordable, gives cost-efficient options and enables more patients to receive the care and quality of life they deserve.

  • Scientifically proven?

    Scientific evidence makes us and your dentist confident that our products work. Our research teams closely collaborate with leading clinics, research institutes and universities since our foundation. The result? A growing wealth of scientific and clinical data proving that our products work like we promise.  Over a hundred scientific articles in medical journals validate the performance of our products every year. Dedicated experts author these articles and to ensure quality and correctness other experts critically review the content before publication. Therefore, we are considered the confidence brand in dentistry.

  • Afraid of pain?

    Pain is one of the biggest reasons why people avoid the dentist. But no matter your fears, there is an array of successful techniques to prevent or alleviate pain. Do not hesitate to talk to your dentist. Pain management is something a good dentist spends quite a bit of time and effort trying to make any dental procedure as comfortable as possible for you.

"My new teeth changed my life dramatically. I am more confident, more secure in myself. I am able to smile, you know, laugh and joke, eat things that I couldn’t eat, like apples and the hard stuff."

Resheemah, 49

New teeth the same day?

In so-called immediate procedures you receive one or several new teeth the day of tooth extraction. This can be a huge advantage. You won’t have to wear a removable prosthesis to hide the gap in your smile and can reduce the number of office visits to a minimum. Still the implant(s) need time to fuse with your jawbone and you will have to avoid chewing in the respective area for some time. In most of the cases you will receive a temporary crown, bridge or prosthesis first and have permanent new teeth later. However, regardless if temporary or permanent, it will be hard to tell the difference from your natural, healthy teeth.

Ask your dentist or dental implant team if immediate tooth replacement is a viable choice for you. Our product portfolio including advanced digital technologies and workflows are made to support this kind of treatment.

"Without darkness, we cannot see how we shine. I consider myself grateful for what happened to me."

Renato, 21

  • Esthetic smile?

    Nothing is more attractive and gives us more confidence than a natural and beautiful smile. You may want to have whiter teether, better aligned teeth, stop gum recession or fill a tooth gap. We are a leading provider in esthetic dentistry supporting your dentist in creating, enhancing and maintaining your beautiful smile.

  • Challenging health conditions?

    Are you affected by special medical issues like diabetes or did you have to undergo radiotherapy in the head or neck region? Implant treatment is possible also for you. We have developed a special implant surface which proves extensive healing potential under very challenging medical conditions. A clinical study comparing the surface performance in patients with and without diabetes showed that the surface performs equally well for both patient groups.1 It also showed a 100% success rate in irradiated patients in randomized clinical trial.2

  • Enough bone for implant treatment?

    If you don’t replace a lost tooth for a longer time, or if you suffer from periodontitis or large areas of dental caries, your jawbone slowly diminishes. In these cases, you might not have enough bone in this area to anchor a dental implant safely. First, your bone must grow again. For this so-called bone augmentation procedure, we offer a wide choice of biomaterials your dentist can use to master your specific challenge.

  • Digital innovation in dentistry?

    The use of digital technologies is key in modern dentistry and brings advantages for patients, dental professionals and laboratories. Dentists can plan and verify in advance where to place a dental implant. Dental laboratories design and produce your crown, bridge or complete set of new teeth using digital data of your mouth. They can do this in advance so that you can receive new teeth the day of extraction. The results look highly esthetic as the laboratory can customize the restoration based on your individual situation. Digital innovation even enables you and your dentist to check your oral health status and communicate remotely. A technique which is heavily used in teeth alignment procedures.

    All these techniques are made to make dental treatment more efficient, convenient and can help to save time and money.

"I believe that being ok with ourselves, it passes on to others. I wasn’t happy with the look of my smile and we started working with transparent aligners. This treatment was fundamental, my smile is kind of my business card."

Lorena, 33

More gentle and fast implant treatment?

There are so-called less-invasive treatment options which can be less stressful for the body and have a potential for faster healing. For example, the smaller the implant, the less stress it usually causes for the body upon insertion and the faster it can heal. We have developed a special implant material which makes it possible to use implants small in diameter or length, which still withstand all the forces when you chew.

Additionally, a dedicated biomaterial helps periodontal regeneration and soft-tissue wound-healing. Ask your dental team for all the options.

"When are you going to have teeth again, asked my daughter – I can say with confidence that I was reborn. It’s pure joy, my friend!"

Marco, 54

  • Clear aligners instead of wires and brackets?

    If you are not completely happy with your smile, but are not a huge fan of metal braces, clear aligners might be your solution. Merely visible plastic shells gently push your teeth into a new position. The direction into which your teeth must move is determined digitally and the whole procedure happens step-by-step using a series of clear aligners.

    With our first virtual orthodontic monitoring solution your dentist can check your progress remotely and together you can schedule appointments more efficiently.

    Learn more about clear aligners >

  • Get rid of denture?

    Dentures can cause pain and discomfort, not to mention embarrassing situations when eating or speaking in public. Since losing your teeth, you might have lost bone volume which may make you look and feel older. There is no need to suffer any longer. We have various reliable long-term solutions to replace your denture with new teeth fixed on dental implants. See the different possibilities to make you feel confident, secure and in control of your smile again.

  • Afraid of having no more teeth?

    You are suffering from failing teeth for a long time. Whatever care you take; the situation gets worse and soon you must take a decision. There are various alternatives to conventional dentures. Ask your dentist about solutions with new teeth fixed on dental implants. Look confidently into the future and imagine how wonderful it would be to eat  what you like again and show a beautiful smile with confidence.

"We have been inseparable since we got married 38 years ago. So it was not easy to go into the surgery alone. But I received my temporary new teeth right away. Now I can enjoy delicious food and smile again."

Cao, 60

Uncertain about implants?

The idea of having a foreign body permanently implanted into your mouth may feel daunting. But implant therapy is not an experimental approach. It is a well-proven, state-of-the-art medical dental technique that has been scientifically tested and used for decades. As a global pioneer in implant dentistry we have long-term scientific evidence to show that our products work. Based on the different clinical situations we offer a complete portfolio of dental implants in different materials, diameters, lengths and shapes. Through this portfolio we offer your dentist all the elements needed to treat you based on your individual situation.

"After three months, I can enjoy a proper meal now. I can basically eat anything that’s on the table."

Adam, 79

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