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You need dental treatment and take an active role in finding the right solution. We are here for you focusing on your needs. Find answers to your most urgent questions and see how we fulfill patients’ needs on treatments, comfort, esthetics and affordability.

We work with and for professionals for better patient care. Providing outstanding products, services and education to dental professionals enables them to provide you with reliable treatment. This is our vision. Read more about the Straumann Group and what inspires us.

New teeth the same day?

In so-called immediate procedures you receive one or several new teeth the day of tooth extraction. This can be a huge advantage. You won’t have to wear a removable prosthesis to hide the gap in your smile and can reduce the number of office visits to a minimum. Still the implant(s) need time to fuse with your jawbone and you will have to avoid chewing in the respective area for some time. In most of the cases you will receive a temporary crown, bridge or prosthesis first and have permanent new teeth later. However, regardless if temporary or permanent, it will be hard to tell the difference from your natural, healthy teeth.

Ask your dentist or dental implant team if immediate tooth replacement is a viable choice for you. Our product portfolio including advanced digital technologies and workflows are made to support this kind of treatment.

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More gentle and fast implant treatment?

There are so-called less-invasive treatment options which can be less stressful for the body and have a potential for faster healing. For example, the smaller the implant, the less stress it usually causes for the body upon insertion and the faster it can heal. We have developed a special implant material which makes it possible to use implants small in diameter or length, which still withstand all the forces when you chew.

Additionally, a dedicated biomaterial helps periodontal regeneration and soft-tissue wound-healing. Ask your dental team for all the options.

Uncertain about implants?

The idea of having a foreign body permanently implanted into your mouth may feel daunting. But implant therapy is not an experimental approach. It is a well-proven, state-of-the-art medical dental technique that has been scientifically tested and used for decades. As a global pioneer in implant dentistry we have long-term scientific evidence to show that our products work. Based on the different clinical situations we offer a complete portfolio of dental implants in different materials, diameters, lengths and shapes. Through this portfolio we offer your dentist all the elements needed to treat you based on your individual situation.

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