Medentika® Implant Packaging

Improved handling concept

Faster. Efficient. Safe.

The new implant packaging  has been developed to make handling even easier. The compact implant packaging now makes storage more efficient. Due to the colour coding of the information labels on two different sides, it can be recognised first glance which implant diameter is included.

Benefits at a glance

  • Crystal window

    clear visibility through the viewing window to eye the implant

  • Easy storage management

    through additional implant visual on color coded label with essential details for simple differentiation of the implant

  • New Implant container

    for optimal vertical positioning of the implant, and a slotted container that is pushed together to fix the implant for easy removal

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  • Leading compatibles manufacturer

    A leading manufacturer of compatible prosthetics with numerous connections – compatible with all major implant systems.

  • Made in Germany

    A long tradition of precision craftsmanship and industrial production.

  • Passion for precision

    Passion and dedication to perfect products and enable access to supreme technology.

  • Lifetime guarantee

    Up to lifetime for MPS and IPS.
    For complete safety and maximum reliability.

IPS Implant Systems

High precision implant systems, innovative components