MPS – Multi Platform Systems

Excellent prosthetics for all major implant systems

Our products are the result of innovation and creative development, detailed expert know-how and exact market awareness. All MPS implant abutments and components are compatible with the major systems available on the market.

  • Excellent precision

    The result will always be an abutment manufactured with the highest interface precision.

  • Excellent price-performance ratio

    Uncompromising, exact and always economical.

  • Comprehensive range of prosthetics

    Compatible with all major implant systems.

  • Unique parts

    The parts are otherwise not available (Novaloc®/Optiloc®) also extend the range.

  • Clear design

    The customer has the same prosthetic interface for all series.

  • Lifetime guarantee

    Up to lifetime for MPS and IPS.
    For complete safety and maximum reliability.

MPS | Series – compatible with all major implant systems

The high precision abutment range is versatile and clearly structured, whether for single-tooth, bridge or full-denture restorations.


Implant system

Compatible with

BEGO Implant Systems Semados®* SC/SCX/RS/RSX/RI BS-Serie
Semados®* S/RI BS-Serie
BioHorizons Tapered Internal R-Serie
Tapered Internal Plus R-Serie
Tapered Tissue Level R-Serie
External Hex I-Serie
Bredent Medical SKY®* B-Serie
Camlog Camlog®* C-Serie
Conelog®* D-Serie
Dentium SuperLine DT-Serie
Implantium DT-Serie
Implantium II DT-Serie
XiVE®* S T-Serie
ASTRA TECH OsseoSpeed®* EV EV-Serie
HiOssen Implant®* ET-System OT-Serie
Medentika® Procone C-Serie
Medentis Medical ICX CX-Serie
MIS SEVEN Internal Hex R-Serie
Nobel Biocare NobelReplace®* Tapered E-Serie
NobelActive®* F-Serie
NobelReplace®* Conical F-Serie
Brånemark System®* K-Serie
OSSTEM Implants TS System OT-Serie
Straumann Bone Level L-Serie
Tissue Level N-Serie
T-Plus Implant Tech A+ Implant OT-Serie
ST Implant OT-Serie
Zimmer Dental Tapered Screw-Vent®* R-Serie

*is a registered trademark of an independent third party 

What does precision in detail mean?

See for yourself and take a critical look at what characterizes a Medentika® Original

MPS | Abutment types

The highly precise abutment range is versatile, clearly structured and satisfies all requirements whether for single-tooth, bridge or full-denture restorations.



MPS Catalog

Multi Platform Systems
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ASC Flex

Multi Platform System
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Castable CoCr Abutments

Multi Platform Systems - low res
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Compatible with NEOSS®* ProActive®*

Multi Platform Systems
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MPS - In a nutshell

Multi Platform Systems
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MPS_Portfolio- ACE campaign

MPS Multi-Platform systems
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Multi-unit abutments

Multi Platform Systems
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Multi Platform Systems
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Multi Platform Systems
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Ti-Forms Abutment

Multi Platform Systems
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