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Neodent® EasyPack

Meet patient expectations and grow with peace-of-mind in implant therapy

The search for implant therapy is constantly growing, as patients’ awareness increases, including expectations regarding treatment duration.
Today there are various commercially available options with different implant designs, restorative options, workflows that lack guidance and can lead to an increase in complexity, cost and time for both the patient and the clinician.
Neodent® has developed EasyPack to simplify your daily practice. An all-in-one set that offers everything you need to grow while performing dental implant therapy with confidence, convenience and guidance.

Neodent® EasyPack is an all-in-one solution:

Choose a brand and products you can rely on
The certainty of having everything in one package
All workflows in simple steps

The Simplicity of Having an All-in-one Set

Neodent® EasyPack combines in one set all the required components for a single tooth replacement, with implant placement, healing phase, provisional restorations and impressions. EasyPack simplies the access to flexible final restorative options.


1. Grand Morse® Helix Implant

2. Grand Morse® Cover Screw

3. Grand Morse® Healing Abutment

4. Grand Morse® Hybrid Implant Analog

5. Grand Morse® 3-in-1 Neodent Smart Abutment™

Flexible Solution for Single Tooth Replacement

Neodent® EasyPack has been developed to offer full flexibility without compromising simplicity. It enables you access to straightforward options for treating single unit restorations:


• 1- or 2-stage healing approach
• Immediate or conventional loading
• Closed tray impression or digital impression
• Digital or conventional workflow
• Screwed or cemented restorations

The New Efficient 3-in-1 GM Smart Abutment

The Neodent® GM Smart Abutment is a solution combining a closed tray impression coping, a digital scanbody and a temporay abutment in a single component, enabling you to maximize workflow flexibility with simplicity.

With an anti-rotational design, the GM Smart Abutment includes an impression cap, designed for the standard closed tray impression technique.

Suitable for use with an intraoral or laboratory scanner, the GM Smart Abutment has a unique surface treatment designed for optimal and efficient scanning accuracy.

Made of titanium, the Smart abutment has 2 flexible customizable chimney heights (4 or 6mm) designed to create a custom temporary using conventional or digital workflow.

Reliable Guided Restorative Workflow

Providing access to guided restorative workflows with Neodent® EasyPack. The combination of the GM Smart Abutment with healing components and the analog allows you to choose a restorative path guided for achieving predictable results.

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