An inspiration may come from a trip, an idol, or a book. However for Dr. Geninho, it came from the content of an oath. A moment of reflection that guided his path of innovation and the constant search to create new smiles for his patients.

Chapter 1


Within a practice, a dentist can transform the lives of many. Gaining experience and sharing knowledge, he can change the quality life of his patients and also can contribute to the market evolution.

Chapter 2


Being a dentist is not just a profession, it is a vocation. It is about dedicating your life to bring health and life quality to patients, it is about researching new treatments and solutions. It is a mission that requires dedication, persistence and, of course, a lot of talent.

Chapter 3



You need determination to succeed, but it is only with courage you can go beyond the boundaries. Get to know the dentists´ stories that have challenged the limits of their profession and what they have done to innovate after getting out of the comfort zone.

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