Inspire and engage women in implant dentistry.

Women’s Implantology Network WIN
North America + Canada

Who we are

WIN is a global network of dental professionals committed to inspiring and engaging more women in implant dentistry.

Founded in October 2016 on the initiative of Straumann, WIN connects at an international level, women with different dental backgrounds sharing the same ambition:  to take action to enable adequate future patient access to implant dentistry.

Meet the North American Core Team

WIN wants to build a strong community of women who are active and successful in implant dentistry. This network connects female dental professionals at local, national and international levels.

Why we founded WIN

As dental professionals, we always take care to find the best solution for each patient. Success is when a patient can freely smile and chew as with natural teeth.

Nowadays, it is mostly men who specialize in implantology and there are fewer female role models when it comes to surgeons, speakers, key opinion leaders and practice owners. Although the percentage of women dental school graduates is constantly on the rise, only a minority become active in implant dentistry. If this trend continues, patient access to implant therapy and proper maintenance is at risk. This is what motivates us as WIN members.

Having a successful career as surgeon, business owner or in academics, we want to inspire and engage more women in implant dentistry.


WIN aims to embody, embrace and harness the power of gender differences.

By inspiring and engaging women colleagues, WIN’s network of ambitious and successful women will drive innovation,bring positive change in the field of implantology, and increase future global access to implant therapies.


  • Identify and remove the barriers to involvement
  • Support individual progress and growth at all career stages
  • Foster peer support across genders, age groups and experience levels
  • Offer networking platforms and create opportunities
  • Acknowledge the need for a healthy work-life balance

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