Straumann® 2.9mm Small Diameter Implant (SDI) with Dr Steve Soukoulis

Patient with placement to the 12 site was a young girl with high aesthetic concerns and a moderately high smile line. The patient had been receiving orthodontic treatment for approximately 18 months.

Consultation with patients Orthodontist who was struggling to achieve ideal implant site dimensions for placement of a 3.3 – 3.5mm Implant.
It was questioned whether it would be possible to place an Implant given current teeth position. On clinical examination, it was noted that there was a significant buccal deficiency with only 5-6mm at the crest and 5mm at the apex for placement of an Implant.

A block graft was needed to ensure bone volume by bucco-palatally and crestally and also given the high aesthetic concerns of the patient.

Following 6 months of block graft healing the site was re-entered with a placement of Straumanns newly released 2.9mm small diameter implant (SDI) with the added security of Straumann's SLActive surface. Apon healing of approximately 3 months a temporary crown was utilised to allow for soft tissue sculpting.

The ideal implant position and Implant diameter was mandatory. The combination of diameter and macroscopic design with a tapered apex allowed for a very successful surgical result.

The Straumann SDI Implant is one of the few available implants capable of positioning within the adjacent teeth.
Temporary crown inserted 3 days before. Final crown review in 2 months.

“Straumann continues to innovate and give their customers multiple surgical solutions to everyday problems. The SDI implant has now become part of my Straumann Implant portfolio” Dr Steve Soukoulis Specialist Periodontist, SA