#KOOL Expert Group

The trusted voices of dentistry online

Today’s world is digital and fast paced: it’s not only at congresses and events where today’s dental professionals discover the latest trends and techniques. There’s a world of information available online. The online dental community shares best practices, without barriers and leveraging the latest technologies. The disadvantage: the noise and amount of unfiltered content. Where to go and which one is to trust?


The members of the #KOOL Expert Group were selected by a thorough process to ensure the combination of being experts in the field bringing high quality content with being real, authentic and easily accessible for everyone... they are key opinion leaders in the digital world!


The #KOOL Expert Group is made of clinicians that inspire you; each exceptional in different ways that makes them unique and admirable. The #KOOL Expert Group - a strong complementary group where you get the best from each.