The Partnership 
that Elevates

ClearCorrect is excited to unveil an innovative suite of new products and features designed to elevate your practice to achieve its full potential. Updates to our Empowering Digital Workflow and Practice Growth Resources all work together, putting your needs front and center.

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The Partnership
that Empowers

Empowering Digital Workflows

More customizable, visual, and insightful: the ClearCorrect digital workflow introduces new features and improvements to take your digital orthodontic practice even further. Updates to our IOS workflows and Sync App make collecting and submitting records, through to review and management of your cases more streamlined than ever before. ClearPilot 8.0 empowers you with more control over your treatment plans, including advanced 3D editing tools for IPR management, bite jump editing, and jaw positioning.

Seamless Digital End-to-End Experience
The ClearCorrect digital workflow provides you with a flexible, integrated and seamless end-to-end experience for you and your patients.

Using the Sync mobile app, with your phone or tablet, you can capture and edit patient photos with guided templates, and instantly upload them to the ClearCorrect Doctor Portal for new or existing cases.

Manage cases on the go, more efficiently than ever before, now with case management tools, push notifications, and in-app browser access to ClearCorrect’s Doctor Portal and ClearPilot. Review treatment setups and stay on top of shipment tracking details when you’re on the go, or when you’re chairside with a patient.

Maximum Flexibility in All Your ClearCorrect Workflows
The Virtuo Vivo expanded workflow now supports all ortho workflows, including new aligner orders, new retainer orders, and case revisions, giving you maximum flexibility and empowering you to do your best work.
Start a ClearCorrect® case on Virtuo Vivo™ and scan your patient.
Complete the prescription details and add patient photos utilizing the Doctor Portal or Sync mobile app.
Complete your case submission and receive a treatment plan.

Virtuo Vivo is a trademark of Institut Straumann AG.

ClearPilot 8.0

Customizing your treatment goals is easy with ClearPilot, the intuitive treatment planning tool that gives you control and flexibility, from planning to approval. ClearPilot 8.0 empowers you with more control and better experiences, including advanced editing tools like Bite Jump Editing, Tilt/Cant positioning, Mulitple IPR Editing, and UI/UX Improvements.

Bite Jump Editing—adjust the position of the jaw to more accurately reflect the visualization of potential treatment outcomes resulting from the use of advanced techniques such as surgery or elastics.

Tilt / Cant—to accurately reflect the jaw position in order to perform specialized adjustments to fit the patient's facial lines and profile.

Multiple IPR Editing—enables you to apply and distribute IPR values among several teeth at once, helping to streamline your treatment planning.

Additional user interface improvements—including a keyboard shortcut guide, improved visualization, and optimized utilities for a better user experience.

The Partnership
that Builds

To help your business thrive, ClearCorrect recently launched a brand-new suite of practice marketing and educational support tools, including dozens of assets and fillable templates to choose from across a variety of communication channels. Reach more patients, more effectively, and create more smiles your patients will love.

Explore the path to partnership in clinical excellence and chat with a representative today for details.