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ClearCorrect is excited to unveil an innovative suite of new products and features designed to elevate your practice to achieve its full potential. Updates to our Premier Aligner, Empowering Digital Workflow, and Practice Growth Resources all work together, putting your needs front and center.

Now Available!

The Partnership
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Experience new levels of control and customization with the launch of new ClearControl™ Clinical features, including new solutions for the treatment of challenging movements such as extrusions and rotations, and malocclusions like crossbites and open bites. Combined with ClearQuartz™ and our Performance Trimline, our aligner now offers even more options for comfort and treatment efficiency.

ClearControlTM Clinical Features

Scientifically-proven ClearControl clinical features have been optimized for the ClearCorrect System to tailor your patient’s treatment precisely to their needs.

NEW! Posterior Bite Ramps

Designed to withstand extended wear time1 and demonstrated to be tear-resistant1, our new Posterior Bite Ramps have been optimized for the ClearCorrect System, to better enable the treatment of Crossbites.

  • Designed to withstand extended wear time (up to 4 weeks of wear time)1
  • Demonstrated to be tear-resistant to mastication forces1
  • Retains 25% more of its shape during stress testing vs other designs in the market2
  • Provides 1.7x bite opening area2*

NEW! Extended-Beveled Engagers

Developed to address complex movements, Extended-Beveled Engagers allow clinicians to customize the direction and predictability of targeted movements like rotations and extrusions.

Available in:

  • Sizes: 2, 3, 4 mm
  • Depths: 1.00 and 1.25 mm
  • Orientation: Horizontal and vertical
  • Bevel Direction: Occlusal/gingival and mesial/distal

Not all features available in all markets.
1Data on file.
2Data on file. Bite ramp loading simulation.
*As compared to engager shapes on the occlusal surface

The Partnership
that Empowers

Seamless Digital End-to-End Experience

More customizable, visual, and insightful: the ClearCorrect digital workflow introduces new features and improvements to take your digital orthodontic practice even further. ClearPilot 7.0 empowers you with more control over your treatment plans, including visualization tools like Bite Jump Simulation, and advanced editing tools for arch adjustments and new ClearControl™ Clinical Features. Meanwhile, the Doctor Portal homepage has been revamped to help you more easily organize and manage your clear aligner business according to your priorities. Convenient new features include a new streamlined dashboard featuring practice insights, plus easy access to labeling and note-taking features that can help you see crucial and customized information at a glance.

What’s New in the Doctor Portal?
We have overhauled the Doctor Portal homepage to help you more easily organize and manage your clear aligner business according to your practice workflows. With this latest update, you now can:

Easily access a variety of practice education, marketing, and support resources to help grow your business. Doctor Portal is now your central hub for all ClearCorrect resources.

More efficiently manage your practice using the new streamlined dashboard. 

  • Quickly identify and filter cases which need your attention.
  • Monitor the health of your clear aligner business and target opportunities for improvement with practice insights 
  • Stay up to date on the latest ClearCorrect news and announcements using the new notifications carousel

Organize and manage cases with greater flexibility using the enhanced case list: 

  • Easily categorize cases according to your unique practice workflows using custom color-coded labels and patient notes 
  • Quickly scan for specific patients via the new primary photo thumbnail or search bar 
  • Prioritize your tasks using pertinent and actionable information displayed in the case list
Case upgrades are now in the Doctor Portal
ClearCorrect offers a wide variety of treatment options to meet your patient's individual needs. This gives you the flexibility to choose the most efficient plan for every case.

Now we’ve introduced the added security of mid-treatment case upgrades. Choose the best option for your patient with confidence as you can upgrade at any time during treatment. 

  • Upgrade to the next treatment option quickly and easily from the case details page 
  • Increases the cap on revisions and retainers included in your treatment option 
  • Increases the length of the treatment option (extends the expiry date) 

Only ClearCorrect offers you flexibility of a wide variety of treatment options and self-service upgrades from directly within the Doctor Portal.

ClearPilot 7.0

Customizing your treatment outcomes is easy with ClearPilot, the intuitive treatment planning tool that gives you control and flexibility, from planning to approval. ClearPilot 7.0 introduces a series of visualization upgrades designed to give clinicians an improved treatment planning experience.

Visualize personalized treatment setups to support clinical evaluation, digital treatment planning, and increased patient engagement with ClearPilot’s optimized 3D visual interface, including new Surgical Bite Jump Visualization, Trimline Visualization, Beveled Engager visualization, and overall UX/UI Improvements.

Create effective and customized treatment plans with ClearPilot’s 3D controls, offering a variety of 3D editing tools including robust tooth movement, ancillary procedure controls, and aligner customization capabilities, including new Anterior Bite Ramp, Arch, and Engager & Button editing capabilities.

The Partnership
that Builds

To help your business thrive, ClearCorrect is launching a brand-new suite of practice marketing and educational support tools, including dozens of assets and fillable templates to choose from across a variety of communication channels. Reach more patients, more effectively, and create more smiles your patients will love.
  • Practice Growth Education

    ClearCorrect's Practice Growth education will empower you and your staff to effectively communicate with and convert ClearCorrect cases, leveraging the ClearCorrect Marketing & Conversion Kit.

    Learn more
  • Practice Growth Quick Reference Guides

    Download a series of quick reference guides that provide easy to access information on the most important topics related to offering clear aligners.

    Learn more
  • Marketing & Conversion Kit

    Access and download marketing materials that can be used externally to drive leads to your practice, and internally to convert ClearCorrect cases.

    Learn more

Explore the path to partnership in clinical excellence and chat with a representative today for details.