Maja Chmielewska 


Maja Chmielewska 
DDS, MSc, ITI fellow

Maja Chmielewska is a private practitioner, with the focus on digital protocols in implant dentistry, education, and practice management. 
She graduated from the Medical University of Warsaw in 2016, spent a year in CAD/CAM material research and as a teaching assistant in Los Angeles and acquired her masters’ degree in implantology and periodontology from DTMD University in Luxemburg.
Dr Maja has been actively involved in education, lecturing in more than 20 countries, and participating in multiple online education events. She is a co-author of of the “Guided Surgery” book and an ITI Fellow. She runs the Young ITI Study Club in Poland.

Specialization fields: Implantology, Periodontics.
Expertise Topics: Immediacy, Digital Solutions, Guided Surgery.

Center of Dental Education

Gdansk, Poland

Telephone: +48 603 336 603