Straumann® Smart

Immerse to succeed

Discover the world of implant dentistry with Straumann.

Did you know that for the last 60 years Straumann has been renowned in the field of implantology for delivering high quality and innovation? To date more than 20 million of our implants have successfully been placed worldwide. That means that every second of the day, someone somewhere in the world is being treated with a Straumann Group product.

As a global leader in implant, restorative and regenerative dentistry, we share the same passion as dental professionals around the world for quality and a desire to achieve the best patient outcomes. Straumann is committed to becoming the global partner of choice for premium tooth replacement solutions. To achieve this, we believe that providing enabling and intuitive training and support to dentists is fundamental. That’s why we’ve developed Straumann Smart in close collaboration with the University of Zurich. 

Smart is a unique and holistic solution that has been specifically developed to enable dentists to successfully start and continue placing or restoring dental implants in the most common, straightforward cases. Smart provides a unique combination of clinical education, hands-on product training, e-learning and the opportunity to benefit from one-to-one supervision by an experienced mentor. Smart helps dentists gain more hands-on experience, refresh their knowledge and improve their skills to instil confidence to successfully get established in the world of implant dentistry. What makes Straumann Smart so unique is the synergy that the six key elements deliver.

1. Classroom training

Clinical skills and an in-depth product knowledge are the foundation of long-term success in implant dentistry. Smart provides an onsite curriculum combining modular clinical education, hands-on experience and practical product training tailored to the needs of starters.

2. Online training

An online education platform available on demand 24/7. It is not uncommon that several months pass by between the completion of an implant training program and the treatment of their first real implant patient. Smart Online Education provides dentists with the opportunity to refresh or deepen their knowledge about the treatment of straightforward dental implant cases. 

3. Mentoring

One-on-one supervision by an experienced implantologist to build confidence and provide dentists peace of mind and support when treating their first patient cases. Like a diver’s buddy who is with you every step of the way when you take the plunge. Support from a personal mentor is critical to ensure that dental professionals feel enabled and confident to begin and continue to place implants successfully. 

4. A simple product portfolio

Dentists who are new to implantology find themselves confronted with a huge number of implant systems and components from different manufacturers to choose from. Selecting a reliable implant partner and optimal products for the treatment of a specific clinical indication is not as easy as it might seem. Straumann Smart helps reduce complexity by initially introducing the two most commonly used implant systems. 

5. Dental lab communication

In implant dentistry, a close interaction and effective commu­nication between the implantologist and dental technician is crucial for a successful treatment outcome. Straumann Smart is designed to help dentists understand which information and specific requirements they should share with their lab partner, and how to best communicate at specific milestones throughout the treatment process, leading to a closer relationship to achieve the best possible results with more efficiency.

6. Patient and practice marketing

Becoming a successful implantologist involves more than just placing implants. To be successful, dental professionals need to actively market the implant services they provide.  To help attract new implant patients, dentists need to educate their patients on the different treatment options available to streamline and facilitate the patient consultation.

With Straumann Smart, dentists have full access to training and demo materials to structure a successful patient consultation, and tools for online and offline practice marketing.
In conclusion, Straumann Smart is designed to help den­tal professionals grow their implant business quickly and with confidence. Take the plunge and discover the world of implant dentistry with Straumann.