Straumann® Smart

Keep it simple

64% of dental implants placed by GPs are in straightforward indications.

Did you know that of all dental implants placed by General Dental Practitioners, 64% are in straightforward indications?

Straightforward cases include: replacement of single or small multiple teeth in the posterior region, in patients with no contraindications in the non-esthetic zones. Posterior single-tooth replacement accounts for 36%, small posterior bridges account for 14% and simple, removable edentulous implant solutions account for 14% of all dental implants placed by GPs.

To enable dentists to successfully start and continue to place or restore dental implants in the most common, straightforward cases, Straumann® has developed Smart, a unique and holistic solution that combines clinical education, hands-on product training, e-learning and the opportunity to benefit from one-to-one supervision by an experienced mentor. Smart helps dentists gain hands-on experience, refresh their knowledge and improve their skills to instill confidence quickly.

Straumann Smart is specifically designed to help less experienced dentists get off to a quick start by providing solutions to meet the needs of the majority of cases, i.e. straightforward indications. Smart helps General Dental Practitioners to enter the world of implant dentistry to establish and grow their implant business quickly and with confidence.

What makes Straumann Smart so unique is the synergy, efficiency and simplicity that the six key elements deliver to provide a holistic solution.

1. Classroom training

Smart provides an onsite curriculum combining modular clinical education, hands-on experience and practical product training tailored to the needs of starters to treat straightforward indications. 

2. Online training

Smart Online Education provides dentists with the opportunity to refresh or deepen their knowledge about the treatment of straightforward dental implant cases.

3. Mentoring

Support from a personal mentor is critical to ensure that dental professionals feel enabled and confident to begin and continue to place implants successfully in straightforward indications. 

4. A simple product portfolio

Keep it simple, Straumann Smart helps reduce complexity by initially introducing the two most commonly used implant systems to help dentists get off to a quick start. All they need to treat the most common straightforward cases. 

5. Dental lab communication

Straumann Smart is designed to help dentists understand which information and specific requirements they should share with their lab partner, to streamline communication and achieve the best possible results with more efficiency.

6. Patient and practice marketing

To help attract new implant patients, dentists need to educate their patients on the different treatment options available to streamline, structure and facilitate the patient consultation.

In conclusion, of all implants placed by General Dental Practitioners, 64% are in straightforward indications. Straumann Smart is a holistic solution specifically developed to enable dentists to successfully start and continue placing and/or restoring dental implants in straightforward patient cases. Jump in and discover how to grow your implant business quickly and with confidence with Straumann Smart.