Straumann® Smart

Synergy in practice

Blended continuous education is key to success in implant dentistry.

Did you know that market research shows that besides traditional classroom training, mentoring, online training and continuous education are rated as the most important elements for GPs to be successful in implant dentistry? In fact, in all countries, the aspect of “mentoring” was rated among the three most important elements of an implant manufacturer’s offer. 

According to Dr Pareet Shah, Mentor and Deputy Director in Implant Dentistry at UCL, “the demand for implant treatment has increased tremendously over the last 15-20 years, and the provision of implant treatment has revolutionised our approach to the management of the failing dentition and the replacement of missing teeth.”

“Although implant treatment is predictable, to obtain optimal results several factors must be favourable. Careful patient selection, treatment planning and skilled treatment provision can only be provided by dentists that are adequately trained in implant dentistry.”

“One of our recommendations is that implant dentistry trainees should have a suitably trained and experienced clinician acting as a mentor.”

“The mentor’s primary role is to aid the clinician’s implant training by supplementing the theoretical aspects from training courses. This will provide support so that the practical and clinical elements can be provided in a safe, patient-centred manner,” concluded Dr Shah.

Straumann is committed to enabling GPs to feel confident in placing dental implants successfully. To achieve this, we believe that supporting dental GPs by providing enabling and intuitive training, support and mentoring is fundamental. That’s why we’ve developed Straumann Smart in close collaboration with renowned clinicians from the University of Zurich.

Smart is a holistic solution that has been specifically developed to enable dental GPs to successfully start and continue placing or restoring dental implants. What makes Straumann Smart so unique is the synergy that the six key elements deliver. Smart provides an optimal blend of clinical education, hands-on product training, e-learning with one-to-one supervision by an experienced mentor. Smart helps dental GPs gain hands-on experience, refresh their knowledge and improve their skills to instil confidence to successfully get established in the world of implant dentistry.    

1. Classroom training

Smart provides an onsite curriculum combining modular clinical education, hands-on experience and practical product training tailored to the needs of starters to treat straightforward indications. 

2. Online training

It is not uncommon that several months pass by between the completion of an implant training program and the treatment of the first real implant patient. Smart Online education provides dental GPs with the opportunity to refresh or expand their knowledge, available on demand 24/7.    

3. Mentoring

One-on-one supervision by an experienced implantologist is crucial to build confidence and provide dentists peace of mind and support when treating their first patient cases. Like a diver’s buddy who is with you every step of the way when you take the plunge. Support from a personal mentor ensures that dental professionals feel enabled and confident enough to begin and continue to place dental implants successfully. That’s why we see mentoring is a key pillar of the Smart solution.    

4. A simple product portfolio

Straumann Smart helps reduce complexity by initially introducing the two most commonly used implant systems to help dentists get off to a quick start.

5. Dental lab communication

Close interaction and effective communication between the dentist and dental lab is crucial for a successful treatment outcome. Straumann Smart helps dentists understand which information they should share with the lab, to optimize communication to achieve the best possible results with more efficiency.    

6. Patient and practice marketing

To be successful, dentists need to actively market the implant services they provide. Straumann Smart gives dentists access to training and demo materials to structure a successful patient consultation, including tools for successful practice marketing.

In conclusion, Straumann Smart is a unique combination of different training formats together with support tools, marketing services and mentoring that are critical for dentists to succeed in implantology. Dive in and learn how to Smart can take you to the next level.