Straumann Live at the Esthetic Days 2019

Why you should visit the Esthetic Days dental congress!

6-7 September 2019 in Baden-Baden, Germany

Esthetic dentistry is developing into a key driver. Patients who are increasingly informed and inspired by the media are proactively seeking esthetic dental care by the practitioner of their choice – with all the corresponding implications, both positive and negative. We asked seven top experts in the field about the congress and what they would say to their colleagues who have not yet visited? (in alphabetical order): Woo-Ttum Bittner, Kai-Hendrik Bormann, Chris Chmielewski, Vincent Fehmer, Gabor Tepper, Kay Vietor, and Julia Wittneben.  Learn more about the Esthetic Days in our event review.

About Woo-Ttum Bittner

Woo-Ttum Bittner

Orthodontist, founder and CEO of "ADENTICS – The orthodontists", a group of practices with five sites in Berlin and Brandenburg. As a member of the examination board of the Berlin dental association, he trains orthodontists and lectures on an international level.

About Kai-Hendrik Bormann

Kai-Hendrik Bormann

Dental technician, studied dentistry and trained to become an oral surgeon. Doctorate, specialist dentist examination, appointed senior surgeon at the Clinic for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery in Hannover. Habilitation thesis on "Biologically appropriate reconstruction of the alveolar process". Opened oral surgery practice in the Port of Hamburg (2012). International and national publications and lectures.

About Chris Chmielewski

Chris Chmielewski

Degree from the Medical Academy in Gdansk. Private dental clinic focused on esthetic dentistry and implantology. Degree in dentistry from the “Free University Berlin”. Private dental clinic focused on esthetic dentistry and implantology. Speaker and lecturer on a national and international level.

About Vincent Fehmer

Vincent Fehmer

Master Dental Technician (MDT) at the Clinic for Fixed Prosthodontics and Biomaterials, Center for Dental and Medicine, University of Geneva, Switzerland.

About Gabor Tepper

Gabor Tepper

Doctor of medicine and dentistry. University professor specialized in implant surgery, implant prosthodontics and oral surgery. In charge of postgraduate education at the Department of Oral Surgery in the Gottlieb-Bernhard University Clinic of the Dental School of Vienna Medical University, Austria. Private practice in Vienna focused on implant dentistry and oral surgery. Lecturer at national and international level. Author of scientific articles and book chapters.

About Kay Vietor

Kay Vietor

Private practice for oral surgery and implantology in Langen, Germany. Postgraduate education and degree in Oral Surgery. ITI-Fellow. Lecturer and author on CAD/CAM implant prosthetics and customized implant-borne prosthetic solutions, implant dentistry, 3D navigation in implantology, dental digital photography and digital archiving.

About Julia Wittneben

Julia Wittneben

Dr. Wittneben has been a Senior Lecturer at the Department for Reconstructive Dentistry at the University of Bern since 2008. She is a part-time faculty member at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Boston, USA.

It’s time for the beautiful things

In every one of us lurks a beautiful smile just waiting to be revealed. In future, the visual appearance of teeth will increasingly become a focus of attention – hence the importance of esthetics. A beautiful smile is a key feature for attractiveness and well-being. Prevention, modern therapeutic techniques and the increased awareness of oral hygiene have meant that, in future, the emphasis will be on optimization rather than repair, preservation rather than replacement. Initiated by Straumann and implemented by M:Consult, the Esthetic Days even now provide a congress format for dental professionals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, that will enable them to make a successful start in this future scenario. Or, put simply: it's time for the beautiful things!