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For the success and a constant growth of your practice, a solid patient flow and high treatment acceptance rate are vital. Straumann® Patient Pro is a holistic marketing solution that addresses the trends in patient information behavior*. With our Patient Pro tools** you can reach existing and prospective patients and guide them in their decision-making process towards an implant-borne solution. Further, you can motivate them to become advocates of your practice and the premium implant therapy. We know that you are busy with providing dental health care solutions to your patients. To help market your practice and present yourself to patients,  Straumann® can offer you the realization of the practice marketing for your practice with our excellent business partners. 

Digital Pro

Connect and inform by creating awareness and provide information on your website and through social media channels.

Practice Pro

Consult and convert for in-depth consultation that leads your patient to the right choice.

Patient Relation Pro

Care and assure for a positive experience and reassurance.

Engagement Pro

Build business and leverage your patients to make them advocates of your practice.

*Already ~50 % are using the internet and social media as one of their most important source. ** Go to the patient section of our resource center. To download animations and videos for your individual use, log in to our e-Shop. Note: this service is not available in all countries. Please contact your local Straumann contact person for further details. 

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