Enterprise Consulting

Activate growth potentials. Improve operational efficiency.
Sustain clinical excellence.

Grow your practice by 55%* in just six months with Enterprise Consulting

Enterprise consulting is for our DSO customers who want to drive practice growth. Crafted by dental industry experts, our consulting service offers holistic solutions to boost operational efficiency, drive profitability and achieve clinical excellence. Backed by Straumann’s assets and resources, we drive implementation to ensure success.

Our consulting programs focus on:

  • Demand generation
  • Patient acceptance
  • Operational efficiency
  • Capability development
  • Financials monitoring and continuous improvement
  • Employee development and retention
  • Leadership evolution

*by implant treatment volumes

Challenges DSOs are facing when drivinG growth

Growth potentials…

• Generating customer demand
• Addressing opportunities in existing patient cohorts

Operational efficiency…

• Increasing case efficiency and throughput
• Optimizing existing workflows


Clinical excellence…

• Reducing variability in care delivery
• Increasing team knowledge and training

Activating growth potentials, improving operational efficiency and sustaining clinical excellence ultimately creates an environment within DSOs whereby team members are better retained.

Enterprise consulting

Enterprise consulting leaves you with a customized growth strategy, executed  by providing change and project management expertise, matching business systems along with in-practice training and implementation assistance. We can provide you with patient education assets, clinical training and business education for all levels. We prioritize monitoring and continuous improvement within our program, which allows us to fine-tune your journey to ensure your goals are met.

Moreover, our broader enterprise solutions portfolio can help tackle the clear aligner market, restorative and implant treatment workflows, digital lab solutions, as well as cloud-based dental practice management.

Meet the team

We bring 75+ years of experience to the table


SVP, Global Head of Transformation, Consulting and Solutions & Service Delivery

  • 20+ years of healthcare experience in consulting, MedTech, and hospital operations
  • B.A. in International Business, Ph.D. in Healthcare Economics

Senior Practice Growth Consultant

  • 20+ years of experience in the dental implant industry
  • 10+ years of experience  as an independent Practice Growth Consultant

Learn more about Heather's experience and projects >


Senior Consulting Services Development Manager

  • 17+ years of experience in consulting services, operations,
    and sales management
  • Bachelors in Engineering, MBA

Learn more about Daniel's experience and projects >


Consulting Services Development Manager

  • 9+ years of experience in clinical practice, dental office management, and healthcare technology
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery, MBA

Commercial Graduate

  • 2+ years of experience within Marketing, medical industry experience
  • BBA, MSc in Strategic Marketing


See how enterprise consulting can drive growth at all practice levels through the patient journey.

Find out how...

1    ... to increase demand generation?

2    ... to improve patient education?

3    ... to increase patient conversion?

4    ... to increase clinical capabilities and harmonize treatment quality?

5    ... to improve operational efficiency?

6    ... increase patient loyalty and drive practice growth?

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