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Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) are currently facing unique challenges which can lead to operational inefficiencies, lack of standardization, and a shortage of qualified dental team members. Core challenges include discovering ways to ensure standardization, building meaningful relationships, and increasing efficiency within highly fragmented workflows and diverse infrastructures.

Straumann Group Enterprise Solutions understands the needs of DSOs and is the empowering partner for success of ambitious enterprise customers facilitating their journey elevate clinical excellence, enhance operational efficiency, and activate growth potentials.

With our customized, scalable, and digitally-powered solutions and services as well as our dedicated team of experts we strive to support the transformation of oral care specialties. We embody Straumann Group's core values by prioritizing your success, offering customized support every step of the way with a comprehensive portfolio:

Enterprise solution portfolio

Enterprise specialty workflows

Restoration Dentistry 360 (RD 360)
Orthodontics 360 (ORTHO 360)

Enterprise Services

Enterprise Academy

Enterprise Consulting

Enterprise Operations

CareStack  Core PMS
Enterprise Growth Accelerator (EGA)

Elevate clinical excellence

You need to ensure best-in-class treatment quality and reduce variability in care delivery. How it works? First, benchmarking the delivery of care helps identify which treatment solutions will improve outcomes. Moreover, DSOs can reduce variability by addressing all potential points of variation and standardizing treatment protocols with digital tools. Reviewing your performance via KPIs will provide the insights needed to enhance clinical excellence across practices.

Under-utilization of digital

60% of DSOs ranked their efforts to deploy digital dentistry equipment as intermediate or lower.1

Enhance operational efficiency

If your goal is to increase case efficiency and throughput, as well as optimizing workflows, here is how to start: Take an end-to-end view of workflows and business operations. And as efficiency starts at patient level, it makes sense to keep each appointment running as smooth as possible and reduce chair time.

60% face staff shortage

 60 % of DSO executives expecting to face shortage of clinical staff next 9-12 months.2

Activate growth potentials

We help you generate additional consumer demand and address opportunities in existing patient cohorts. Your keys to success? To address them more targeted, profile your patients and execute a segmentation strategy. Get your patients fully engaged with their own treatment plan. Effectively manage patient expectations – to build positive, lasting relationships with patients. This will lead to more demand and revenue.

6 in 10 expect growth

6 in 10 DSO executives expect the local market share of DSOs to increase by at least 10 percentage points within the next three years.3

Our end-to-end solutions realize value along holistic oral health pathways



…to identify and engage with patients?


…to harmonize the quality of your diagnostic data?


…to increase case acceptance for implants and aligners?


…to harmonize the quality of your treatment delivery across your network?


…to monitor clinical and operational performance and increase reputation?


…to cope with your practice management and daily operations?

Recent publications, thought leadership, and executive engagement

DSO CEO summit 2024

Event | Sept 11 – Sept 13, 2024

Exclusive, invitation-only event for Oral Health Executives of DSOs

discover our end-to-end solutions and services for oral heath specialties

A cohesive system of integrated solutions that will help dental service organizations overcome the barriers to identify and leverage opportunities for growth, to sustain clinical excellence, and improve operational efficiencies.

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