#Care. Innovate. BounceBack.

EAO 2020 – Digital Days
Virtual Meeting, October 5 – 11, 2020

Our contribution to EAO 2020 and the future of dentistry.

Everybody is aware of the impact Covid-19 has on our private lives, businesses and societies. More than ever, our key focus lies in supporting people now – those who are impacted and those who care for them.

But what's next?

Let’s adapt to the new reality – with a mindset of innovation, by doing things differently and even better than before. We want to secure the future of families and the dental economy – practices, labs and health care organizations – by sympathetically looking after our customers and bouncing back smartly. Be invited to innovative answers beyond the current situation with means that are safe, reasonable and decent.

This is our contribution to the EAO 2020, the future of dentistry, and your invitation to bounce back with us.