Straumann Group Implant Health

Our focus: Implant Health. Fit for life.

First-class solutions in preventive, maintenance and regeneration

Dental Hygienists

The Straumann Group provides an array of solutions designed to help dental hygienists deliver preventive and non-surgical therapies. Products in the portfolio facilitate efficient debridement of dental implant surfaces, enhance periodontal regeneration and ultimately help to avoid or manage peri-implant disease for maximum implant longevity. 

Implant Surgeons

Help patients prevent peri-implant diseases and other complications for long-term treatment success.  The Straumann Group offers innovations that ensure precision implant placement, accelerated wound healing, reliable long-term maintenance and optimal patient comfort throughout the treatment journey. 


Implantology and periodontology are closely intertwined and both must be optimised for excellent implant outcomes, especially in periodontally-compromised patients. The Straumann Group offers market-leading biomaterials for exceptional periodontal regeneration, wound healing and patient comfort.

Peri-implant complications can lead to implant loss. But it doesn’t have to be. Register and access the white paper below.

Learn more about long-term prevention of peri-implant complications, by Susan Wingrove, RDH, BS