Straumann® Emdogain®
Mastering periodontal regeneration and oral wound healing.

Straumann® Emdogain® is a unique gel containing enamel matrix derivative. This mixture of natural proteins can induce biological processes that usually take place during the development of the periodontium and may stimulate certain cells involved in the healing process of soft and hard tissues.

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Features and benefits

Emdogain® induces true regeneration

By modulating the wound healing process, Emdogain® induces the regeneration of a functional attachment in periodontal procedures (as evidenced by human histological data⁵,⁶)

Emdogain® improves wound healing in oral surgical procedures

By promoting angiogenesis modulating the production of factors related to inflammation⁹ and thanks to its anti-microbial effect toward oral pathogens Emdogain® accelerates the wound healing process of oral surgical procedures

Emdogain® increased the predictability of your periodontal procedures

Emdogain® leads to:

  • significantly improved clinical parameters in intra-osseous defects compared to open flap debridement procedures alone12
  • increased root coverage achieved when used in a coronally advanced flap (CAF) compared to CAF alone13, and leads to results comparable to CAF + Connective Tissue Graft14

Emdogain® helps you achieve patient satisfaction

  • When used to treat intra-osseous defects, Emdogain® contributes to improve your patients’ dental prognosis
  • When used in oral surgical procedures in general, Emdogain® accelerates wound closure15, and reduces post surgical pain and swelling16
  • When used in periodontal plastic procedures around teeth and implants, Emdogain® may improve the esthetics of the results thanks to improved wound healing

Emdogain® is easy to apply

Because Emdogain® is a gel, it is easy to apply, even in defects difficult to access

Emdogain® means peace of mind

Emdogain® is backed by extensive and long term clinical documentation. It is documented in over 1000 scientific publications including 600 clinical publications17 and 10 year data14,18