Straumann Group FAQ’s about COVID-19

The FAQ page will be continually updated. For any specific or purely local questions please reach out to our local customer service.

Can you ensure the continuity of your product and services throughout the world?

In general yes, because we have strict safety measures and contingency plans in place throughout our organization to ensure full continuity of supplies and services.

Customers in some places may experience longer delivery times than usual because of increased border controls.

Although some countries have closed their borders, our country organizations have enough stock of most key items in our implant system ranges.

Our CADCAM services are fully operational.

Delivery times of digital equipment may be longer than usual, due to interrupted supplies of electronic componentry from China.

For ClearCorrect customers: The majority of our raw materials and consumables are sourced from North America and we have adequate stock on-hand for long term production of our aligners in our headquarters in Round Rock, TX.

Is your customer service available via eMail and telephone?

For Straumann and Neodent customers: Yes, our customer service teams around the world are available to help you via e-mail and telephone as usual. We also recommend that you use our e-shop, which is open around the clock.

If customers have a product complaint, we recommend that they use our online self-service to process complaints and returns.

For ClearCorrect customers: Yes, our customer service team in Round Rock, TX is available to help you via e-mail and telephone as usual. They can be reached by email at or by phone (888) 331-3323

Are your sales reps still out in the field?

For Straumann and Neodent customers: If your state has no mandate in place to keep sales representatives from visiting, they are available for in-person visits as long as you both feel safe. For those states with mandates in place, sales reps are still available via phone calls and through electronic communication.

For ClearCorrect customers: This depends on the local situation. Please contact your sales rep by phone and e-mail if you have questions, concerns or needs. You can expect that our Sales professionals will be available for you via phone or online to make sure they remain connected to you. 

Can I schedule remote meetings with my sales rep?

For Straumann and Neodent customers: Yes, you can reach your sales rep by phone or e-mail to arrange a phone or skype meeting.

For ClearCorrect customers: Yes, you can reach your sales rep by phone or e-mail to arrange a phone or skype meeting

What is the fastest way to get my orders?

We recommend our e-shop, which is available around the clock as usual.

Our Customer Service teams around the world are also available to help and take your orders via e-mail and phone as usual.

Can I change the shipping address on my current orders since my practice is closed?

Yes, please contact our customer support team at or by phone at (888) 331-3323, or you may also contact your local sales representative directly to temporarily change the shipping address on your current orders shipping out of Round Rock, TX. 

What is the Straumann Group doing to prevent viral infection?

For all Straumann Group customers: The Straumann Group is committed to keeping all employees safe and helping to slow the spread of the virus. We began implementing preventive and precautionary initiatives as well as safety guidelines globally at the beginning of February. Wherever possible, our people are working from home. We have additional precautionary measures at our production and logistics centers to ensure that our operations can continue to run smoothly.

For ClearCorrect customers: ClearCorrect North America is following guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the World Health Organization by taking the recommended safety precautions in our facilities, including manufacturing, such as: 

  • More frequent sanitizing, providing additional sanitize materials to employees and new sanitize stations have been placed in multiple locations throughout the building 
  • Social distancing practices, using high precaution on shift start times to ensure that we do not have an overlap between the shifts 
  • Restricting all visitor access throughout our facilities 
  • Special measures adopted in case receiving where physical impressions are treated; we are using enhanced personal protective equipment in the area and are changing the disinfection process to use IPA (70%). This also extends to any product returns 
  • Required use of face masks, our packaging area is now required to wear face masks along with the standard use of gloves 

Is Straumann Centralized Production Available?

The Straumann Centralized Production facility in Arlington, Texas, has been categorized as an “essential service” during the COVID-19 crisis. This classification will allow our facility to remain operational while complying to strict government guidelines. Be assured that we are supporting staff to ensure their health and safety.

Additionally, we have contingency plans in place to utilize the global network of Straumann Group outsourcing centers, should we need to provide alternative CADCAM milling, 3D printing and Scan & Shape design services to our customers.

What is Straumann Group doing to prepare for the Post COVID-19 world?

To ensure Straumann Group’s employees in the United States and Canada are well informed and educated on the most up-to-date procedures surrounding the containment and spread of COVID-19, all dental territory managers have completed current and relevant training that is specifically geared toward infection control and prevention, personal protective equipment, respiratory and cough etiquette and more. 

Straumann Group has partnered with MedTrainer to facilitate online learning for over 250 sales team members who are in the field every day connecting and serving customers.  

Dental territory managers completed sessions on:

  • Infection Control and Prevention
  • Airborne & Droplet Disease Transmission
  • Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP)
  • N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirator
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • An Overview of Coronaviruses
  • Respiratory Hygiene and Cough Etiquette
  • Reducing the Social Stigma Generated by a Pandemic

By completing this training, sales team members understand how to stop and prevent the spread of germs including COVID-19 and can start to reenter dental practices with renewed focus and diligence to serve our communities while keeping customers, patients and themselves safe.  As we all work together to navigate our new normal, Straumann Group remains committed to providing the highest quality service to customers.  

MedTrainer is a Compliance and Learning Management company that is recognized by the American Dental Association Continuing Education Recognition Program (ADA-CERP) and the American Nursing Credentialing Center (ANCC) for Continuing Nursing Education.  The courses were selected based on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations for providing safe dental care and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidance for dentistry workers and employers.