Let Them Shine

The Straumann Group is driven by our purpose: to unlock the potential of people's lives.

To live this purpose, we created Let Them Shine, an important initiative supported by talented clinicians, and generously funded by our employees in North America, to provide free dental implant therapy to patients who cannot afford treatment.

As a clinician, we need your support to identify underprivileged patients in need of free care and to deliver treatment. Together, we will transform patients' smiles to let them shine!

Join Our Cause

As a clinician, we need your support to identify underprivileged patients in need of free care and to deliver treatment.

Join our mission to restore patient confidence by nominating a deserving individual using the case submission button below. Each year, a number of patients will be chosen by our selection committee to receive free care from a nominating clinician using implants and prosthetics donated by Straumann Group. 

The Straumann Group Selection Committee will meet quarterly to review the nominations. The number of cases selected is based on the funds available. 

Participating clinicians should: 

  • Be willing to donate time and services for the benefit of the patient
  • Use only donated Straumann Group products (Straumann or Neodent brand).
  • Be experienced and capable of completing the proposed procedure.
  • Provide the patient with adequate instructions for care after the procedure and provide all necessary follow-up maintenance.
  • Clinicians without an internal lab or a lab willing to provide services free of charge are required to use the Straumann Group Centralized Production Center to fabricate the final prosthesis for the case.

Participating patients should:

  • Be unable to receive implant treatment without Let Them Shine.
  • Be willing to be photographed and participate in video interviews before and after surgery to chronicle their oral health journey and Let Them Shine experience.
  • Be willing to share before and after photos showing their smile.
  • Provide a written testimonial or letter about their experience.

The Straumann Group will donate: 

  • Implants
  • Restorative components
  • Cost of temporary and final restoration
  • Lab fees (if necessary)

The Let Them Shine case nomination form is currently down. If you wish to submit a Let Them Shine nomination, please email letthemshine@straumann.com to inform the Committee of your intent to submit. We will inform you as soon as the form is available. 

Case Submission Form:

For your patient to be considered for the Let Them Shine fund please complete this form in its entirety.  Be as detailed as possible about the case and the circumstances of the proposed patient.  

Patient Criteria:
The Let Them Shine fund was established for patients who due to unfortunate economic circumstances would not be able to receive treatment without the help of the clinician and the Straumann Group donating their services, time, and products.  The funds for the program are donations from the employees of the North American Straumann Group companies.

The Straumann Group will select patients every year who we feel will benefit the most from these donations.  These patients will be selected by a committee at the Straumann Group based on the information provided in this form.

Clinician Criteria:

  • Clinician is willing to donate their time and services for the benefit of the patient.
  • Clinician will use only donated Straumann Group (Straumann or Neodent) implants and prosthetics for this case.
  • Clinician must be experienced and capable of completing the proposed procedure for the patient.
  • Clinician will provide the patient with adequate instructions for care after the procedure and all necessary follow-up maintenance as deemed appropriate in the clinician’s professional opinion.

The Straumann Group will donate: implants, restorative components, and the cost of temporary and final restoration. The clinician must use the Straumann centralized production facility in Arlington, TX. 


Practice Information

Please check the box to certify*
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Patient Information

Proposed Treatment Plan

Donation Amount Needed

If chosen to receive Let Them Shine Funds, Practitioner agrees to adhere to the case submission conditions listed herein.  

Case is valid only if this case submission form is completed and duly signed by the Practitioner and sent in together with the Case Documentation consisting of digital images including legends, a brief patient history as described hereafter in the Case Documentation Requirements.

Each Practitioner individually represents and warrants that only Straumann Group products have been used.

The Practitioner(s) individually represent and warrant to be the exclusive author(s) and exclusive owner(s) of all rights related to the Case Documentation submitted and that no manipulation other than cropping, rotating and/or adjustments of contrast and brightness have been performed on the digital images presented with the Case Documentation, and that all registered Practitioners were actively involved in the treatment. Each Practitioner individually represents and warrants that all information given in connection with the Case Documentation is true and valid.

Each Practitioner individually represents and warrants that he or she has obtained a legally valid waiver and consent from the patient to use the images in connection with this case contest. A copy of that consent is hereby attached. 

All Case Documentation will be subject to Straumann USA, LLC Legal and Regulatory review and will only be accepted after final approval.

The Case Documentation may either be provided on a CD, USB Flash Drive or via email. Photographs are to be converted into a digital format. Digital images must be submitted in TIF or JPEG format and should have print quality (min. 300 dpi resolution).

An abstract of patient initial situation; chief complaint, diagnosis with explanation for why the StraumannGroup restorative solution was/were chosen, treatment protocol and results at furthest follow up time point in a common digital text format must be included with the Case Documentation. The maximum length of such abstract should not exceed 1500 words. The text must be in English.

Abstract should include the following information:

  • Description of the patient: age, sex, (non)smoker, any systematic diseases, patient history. 
  • Description of the initial situation
  • Description of planning and performance of the surgical operation and dental lab procedure
  • Precise details of the Straumann products employed (e.g. Straumann® BLT Implants, Variobase®, n!ce® etc.)
  • Clinical result immediately after the treatment 
  • Clinical results after placement of the final prosthesis
  • Treatment outcome from the patients’ point of view (potentially participate in a testimonial video with the patient)
  • Testimonial from treating clinicians about Straumann® restorative solutions as a practice differentiator

The number of digital images submitted must not be fewer than 2 and not more than 18. Digital images should include at least one pre-operative image and one post-operative displaying the entire treatment area. All digital images must be numbered consecutively and indicate length of time since treatment. 

Case documentation submitted to Straumann USA, LLC (“Straumann”) by Practitioner(s) may be featured on Straumann promotional materials to include education pieces, marketing, website, newsletters, social media, Straumann eNews, print, online or other media etc. at Straumann’s discretion. 

The Case Documentations submitted will not be returned to the Practitioners.

This Case Submission Form is governed by US law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is the ordinary courts of Delaware.

Clinician represents and warrants that the clinician will provide the patient with adequate instructions for care after the procedure and provide all necessary follow up maintenance as deemed appropriate in the clinician’s professional opinion.

The Practitioner(s) grant and herewith irrevocably assign to Straumann the worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty free right to publish the Case Documentation. The foregoing grant and assignment of rights includes – but is not limited to – the use of the Case Documentation as often as desired in all media for purposes of lectures, presentations and broadcasting, and for the production and distribution of print, audiovisual and electronic reproductions. 

The Practitioner(s) herewith entitle Straumann to edit the Case Documentation with respect to format and language. Any changes will be sent to Practitioners prior to publication for permission. Prior to any publication of a Case Documentation according to rights granted above, whether edited or not, Straumann shall inform Practitioner 1 as named on page 1 of this Case Submission Form. With any publication of the Case Documentation, either edited or not, the name of each Practitioner as he is stated on the case submission form will be published. Each Practitioner herewith warrants that his name, position and title are accurate. 

Straumann reserves the right to use the Case Documentations in all Straumann publications including but not limited to the Straumann website (www.straumann.us or www.straumann.ca).

By submitting this Case Submission Form, Practitioner accepts the terms and conditions of this Case Submission Form as binding terms and conditions for participation and undertakes to adhere to the terms and conditions in this Case Submission Form.

By completing this form, you agree to receive email communications from Straumann.

Straumann collects your information to evaluate the eligibility of the case submitted and facilitate the support of the case if selected. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.