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Ongoing Care & Maintenance

Dental teams are well-trained to discuss cleaning and aftercare steps to take at every stage of the procedure, from after implant surgery, to long-term care of the new teeth. Both you and your dental team contribute to the long-term success of your procedure. Your dental team will work with you on an individual patient oral care plan and advise you on cleaning techniques specific to your treatment situation.

Just like with natural teeth, dental tartar can build and cause problems for dental implants, and diligent oral care is vital to the long-term success of new teeth. Long-term care instructions include:

Using a soft toothbrush or an electric toothbrush for cleaning teeth.

Using cleaning aids recommended by the dental team, such as interdental brushes or irrigation devices for cleaning the spaces between teeth.

Brushing teeth on the inside, outside, and top surfaces where chewing occurs.

Specific dental implant cleaning and flossing techniques that may be recommended for your individual situation.

Regular check-ups and preventive visits to the dentist to help keep your new teeth healthy.

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