Straumann® CARES® Customized Prosthetics  

Ultimate restorative flexibility

With the CARES® Workflow, you have access to a comprehensive portfolio of customized implant prosthetics through a common digital workflow. ​ When deciding for CARES® Implant Prosthetics you have the freedom of​ choice in every situation. You can produce your restorations in-house or use​ our centralized manufacturing services enabling you to maximize your productivity​ and efficiency.​

  • Performance

    Reached through best-in-class digital equipment, technologies, materials, services and knowhow.

  • Flexibility

    A comprehensive portfolio of restorative options and a variety of workflows.

  • Simplicity

    The one-stop-shop for all your CAD/CAM restorative needs for multiple implant brands.

Restorative solutions from outsourced manufacturing service​

Restorative solutions for in-house milling​

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A reliable connection that endures.

Straumann® Novaloc®
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Basic information on the surgical procedures­

Instructions for dentists and dental technicians
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CARES® Basic and Advanced Fixed Bars

Basic Information - high res
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CARES® Basic and Advanced Fixed Bars

Basic Information - low res
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Classic standard for timeless confidence.

Straumann® Tissue Level Implant System
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Videos & Animations

Become an #OriginalStraumann

Straumann hangs its CEO
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Straumann® - The perfect match

More than original components. The foundation of genuine quality
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The making of Become an #OriginalStraumann

Making of Straumann hangs its CEO
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Scientific evidence

Straumann® Original

Clinical Review
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Course catalog SE-NO 2022, february

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Product Catalog 2021/2022 - INTERNATIONAL EDITION

Straumann® Product Catalog - interactive
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