Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant System 

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The natural and strong solution. Makes patients love their smiles.

Nothing is more winning than a light-hearted and happy smile. With the PURE Ceramic Implant System even very demanding patients can smile with confidence. Without compromising on esthetics, reliability and the most natural choice of material.

Outstanding esthetic results

  • High-end esthetics

    Ivory colored, natural ceramic material

  • Soft Tissue Management

    More favorable soft tissue attachment around ceramic than around titanium, with blood circulation similar to that around natural tooth1,2

Revolutionary osseointegration features

  • Surface

    ZLA® surface similar in macro and micro roughness to original Straumann® SLA® surface

  • Faster healing time

    Healing time comparable to well established SLA®4-6

  • Less plaque attachment

    An important factor for long-term implant success7

Outperforming quality

  • High performance

    High performance zirconia ceramic (Y-TZP) with higher fatigue strength than grade-4 titanium implants8,9

  • Proof tested

    100% proof test in which every single Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant is tested mechanically before leaving the production site9

  • Excellent performance

    Excellent clinical performance with 97.5% survival and success rate after three years (Monotype)3