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Dermis membrane

collprotect® membrane is a native collagen membrane made of porcine dermis. Its multi-step cleaning process ensures the removal of all antigenic and non-collagenous components while preserving its natural collagen structure.

Features and benefits

Native collagen structure preserved during the production process

The dense collagen network with natural pores and rough surface allows for quick integration into the surrounding tissue.

Fast angiogenesis due to inherent pores of the native porcine skin

Facilitates vascularization of the defect area, while the membrane maintains a barrier against soft tissue ingrowth.

Intermediate barrier function

Maintaining the necessary barrier function for most indications.

Easy application and handling

Particularly suited for treatment of smaller defects and periodontal bone defects. Can be cut to shape and size in dry or wet conditions. Does not stick to itself and to instruments. Can be easily repositioned, if needed. Exceptional adaptability to surface contour after rehydration.

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