Straumann® Ceramic Implant Systems 

Outstanding aesthetics results.
Healthy peri-implant conditions.

As the global standard in implant and esthetic dentistry, Straumann is strongly committed to the further development of ceramic technologies. The Straumann® Ceramic Implant Systems portfolio combines over 30 years of R&D and clinical expertise thanks to proprietary technologies available with the PURE system and a strategic partnership with the SNOW system.

Aiming at providing outstanding esthetic results, both systems offer the flexibility expected in modern dentistry for digital and traditional workflows while giving dentists the trust they look for when treating their patients.

  • Outstanding esthetics

    High-end esthetic results, favorable soft tissue management.1,2
    100 % ceramic bone level implant system.
    Metal-free implants and clinically proven ZLA surface.6-8

  • Complete choice

    Flexible treatment protocols, digital pre-operative implant planning and guided surgery
    Implant available in various diameters, including reduced 3.6 mm and 3.3mm. 
    Wide range of abutments for esthetic results and flexible functionality.

  • Trust

    100% proof tested5 and over 80’000 successfully placed implants*.

    * Combined Pure and SNOW – data on file

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The Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant System 

Discover natural PURE white. Love your smile.

Nothing is more winning than a light-hearted and happy smile. With the PURE Ceramic Implant System even very demanding patients can smile with confidence. Without compromising on esthetics, reliability and the most natural choice of material. The Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant System is the result of more than 12 years of relentless research and development until the ceramic implant complied with our premium quality standards. It combines Swiss quality, precision, strength and clinical success in an innovative solution that helps you to meet the needs of your patients.

  • Esthetics

    High-end esthetic results, favorable soft tissue management.1,2

  • Quality

    High-performance zirconia ceramic, 100% proof tested.5,6,9

  • Surface

    ZLA® surface with revolutionary osseointegration features.

  • Flexibility

    Flexible treatment protocols, digital pre-operative implant planning.

  • Innovation

    A new system that helps you expand your patient pool.10

  • Metal-free

    A metal-free alternative to titanium implants.

  • Focus Area

    Esthetic restorations: Let your patients enjoy life with a beautiful smile – read more.

  • Straumann® Lifetime Guarantee

    For your peace of mind - read more.

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Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant Monotype 

More than PURE esthetics. The natural-looking and metal-free solution.

The Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant Monotype has a monotype design based on the proven features of the Straumann® Soft Tissue Level Standard Plus Implant and the Straumann® Bone Level Implant line.  As an addition to the standard 4.1 mm version, the 3.3 mm diameter-reduced variety helps to overcome the clinical requirements of specific situations, especially in the anterior region.

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Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant

More than PURE esthetics. The natural-looking and flexible two-piece solution.

The Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant inner connection together with the respective Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant abutments combines reliable Straumann® performance with highly PURE esthetic results.

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Straumann® SNOW Ceramic Implant System

Discover 100% SNOW white.
Love your smile.

The Straumann® SNOW Ceramic Implant System is the only 100% ceramic (metal- and plastic-free) implant on the market. It is particularly adapted to address the needs of patients with high esthetics expectations, having concerns with metal devices or having metal allergies.

Straumann and Z-Systems, a Swiss-based international leader in ceramic dental implant systems with over 60’000 implants placed since 2004, joined forces to offer a versatile and reliable system that dentists can trust for their esthetics cases. 

  • 100% ceramic system (metal and plastic-free)

    To address the needs of patients with high esthetics expectations as well as those having concerns with metal devices and having metal allergies.

  • Full prosthetic flexibility

    Wide range of straight and angled abutments to accommodate to the patient needs and clinical situation.

  • Wide range of implant diameters to adapt to patient specific anatomy and surgical techniques

    Implant available in diameters Ø3.6mm, Ø4.0mm and Ø5.0mm. Suitable for submerged healing, augmentation and simultaneous sinus lift.

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Discover natural PURE white. Love your smile.

Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant System - low-res
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Videos & Animations

Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant (Monotype) Ø 4.1mm RD

Step-by-Step Procedure
V0004-en 23.05.2017 M4V, 170 MB

Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant Monotype. Prosthetic Procedure.

Dr. Stefan Roehling
V0006-en 23.05.2017 M4V, 469 MB

Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant Monotype. Surgical Procedure.

Dr. Stefan Roehling
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Scientific evidence

Ceramic dental implants. Where do we stand?

A scientific literature review
490.613/en/A/00 06/20 22.06.2020 PDF, 186 KB Download

Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant System

Clinical review - low-res
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Straumann® Product Catalog - interactive
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