Straumann Angled Solution System

Straumann® Angled Solutions (AS)  

Flexibility and precision from a different angle.

With the Straumann® Angled Solutions (AS) you can use a screw-retained approach where otherwise a cemented solution would have been your only choice. They offer flexible treatment options for a wide variety of indications in the anterior and posterior zone and give the choice for either a conventional or digital design. Tilt the screw channel of your restorations up to 30°so that the screw-exit is located in its ideal position for esthetic and functional results.

For ease of use, no matter the Angled Solution, you can use the same self-retaining screwdriver. The proven Straumann conical screw connection and insertion torque of 35 Ncm provide strong retentive power to the restoration.

  • Easy to use

    Straightforward workflow, easy handling.

  • Flexible

    All indications, platforms, digital and conventional.

  • Esthetic

    Up to 30° of screw channel angulation. Small screw channel diameter.

  • Original

    Leverage the precise fit and the quality of the original Straumann connection.

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