Individual solutions for partially or fully edentulous patients

Edentulism is more present in all societies than many people think and is often treated with dentures, which can have their drawbacks. Today, more and more people are choosing dental implant solutions over dentures for smile restoration. Because one size doesn’t fit all, we provide a wide range of treatment options to restore your upper or lower jaw with dental implants and an entire dental prosthesis – according to your individual situation and your and your dentist’s choice.

Fixed teeth

With this treatment possibility, natural-looking teeth can be fixed to dental implants with tiny screws. Your dentist will only remove them periodically for cleaning and maintenance. In most cases, your dentist can place your new prosthesis on the day of surgery, or shortly thereafter.*

* Immediate placement and function of fixed teeth depend on the primary stability of the placed implants and may not be possible in some cases. 

Removable click-fix teeth

A prosthesis can also be attached to dental implants with click-fix systems. This means you regularly remove it for cleaning. For such a solution we have different options, depending on your individual situation. 

Mini implants: You can directly fix your new teeth on mini implants. These implants offer less invasive treatment and faster healing times as well as an alternative for people with less jawbone mass. And all of this at an affordable price. 

Regular implants combined with a retentive system: Depending on your jawbone conditions, your doctor may choose to place two or more regular implants combined with a retentive system.