Dental implant treatment procedure

Implant therapy is a well-proven, scientifically tested medical technique. A thorough diagnosis, individual consultation and competent dental treatment are the vital cornerstones for a successful outcome. On your way towards a new smile, there are two main procedures.  

Standard treatment procedure

Treatment time: 3 to 4 months from implant placement until you have the final prosthetic restoration.

Appointments: May vary but typically about 7 to 8 appointments from first visit until final prosthetic restoration.

Time and appointments may vary depending on your dental and medical conditions.

Immediate treatment procedure

In an immediate procedure, tooth removal (if required), implant placement and a provisional prosthetic restoration will normally be performed in one step.

This procedure requires fewer appointments, and you don’t have to wait several months with a tooth gap. This can be especially beneficial when

  • the tooth being restored is visible within the smile line,
  • you don’t want to wear a removable temporary prosthesis,
  • when all your teeth are being replaced with dental implants and an entire dental prosthesis.

In general, the time from surgery until final new teeth is shorter compared to the standard procedures. However, this approach also requires thorough and precise planning and high-quality, reliable treatment solutions tailored to enable immediate treatment protocols. Immediate treatment procedures are not always suitable for every patient and your dentist will guide you if such solution is possible in your case.