Torq Control®
Universal torque wrench

Universal torque wrench

Torq Control® is a dynamometrical and manual torque wrench designed for precision prosthesis tightening in implant treatments. Precise tightening is essential to avoid screw fracture or unscrewing and inconvenient interventions.
Torq Control® has been specially designed by Anthogyr to meet these requirements and can be recommended with any implant systems.

  • Safety

    Perfect control with 7 torque options
    Automatic declutching when the selected torque is reached

  • Universal

    Compatible with all implant systems, universal connection of the prosthetic mandrels
    7 torque levels adapted to all protocols

  • Designed for efficiency

    Micro-head, 100° angulated for optimized and easy access in mouth
    Ergonomic handle, only 135 gr for a better freedom of movement

  • Reliability

    High precision torque tightening

  • Easy maintenance

    One-piece design with smooth surface to limit bacterial retention
    Sterilizable, autoclave 135°

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