Axiom® REG & PX profiles 
Two body profiles for all bone situations

Two body profiles for all bone situations

REG and PX profiles are available for both Axiom® Bone Level and Tissue Level implants. Together, they cover all types of clinical and bone situations.

REG profile is used in most indications and all bone types. PX profile is preferred for immediate post-extraction implantation for better bone anchorage.

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REG profile

  • Straight threaded neck

    Optimize primary bone anchorage
    Retentive neck with bone compaction effect

  • Cylindrical-conical shape

    Progressive compression
    Controlled and guided insertion

  • Asymmetrical threads

    Progressive anchorage

  • Atraumatic apex

    Adapted to sinus lift

PX profile

  • Reversed conical neck

    Preservation of cortical bone
    Promotes alveolar bone remodeling

  • Tapered design

    Bone condensation
    Enhanced initial stability in low-density bone

  • Deep symmetrical double thread

    Guiding effect, fast bone penetration
    Self-drilling and self-tapping

  • Fast penetration apex

    Optimal anchorage on the apical portion

Axiom® Multi Level® surgical kit

One single compact surgical kit for both Axiom® Bone & Tissue Level implants, REG & PX profiles

  •  User friendly
  •  Freedom & flexibility
  •  Efficient protocols
  •  High performance cutting drills
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