Your all-inclusive digital solution

Your all inclusive digital solution

Anthogyr offers DigitALL®,  a collaborative workflow associated with optical impression taking that includes a laboratory kit with a 3D printed model containing implant platforms, a range of services and a high-precision customized Simeda® prosthesis.

The DigitALL® solution ensures patient satisfaction, thanks to the comfort of digital impression taking, the aesthetic results and the perfect adjustment of the prosthesis.

  • All inclusive

    A complete range of services

  • A complete laboratory package

    Printed model, antagonist, gingival mask and articulation system

  • Peace of mind

    High-quality CAD/CAM Simeda® prosthesis



DigitALL® Panorama

Fluxo de trabalho digital All Inclusive - Low res
PT_C194_2019-11_LR 29.11.2019 PDF, 5 MB Download


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Manuais & guias do utilizador

Instruções de uso CAD/CAM

Próteses personalizadas Simeda®
PT_2021-10_CADCAM-IFU 12.10.2021 PDF, 190 KB Download

Lista de compatibilidades Simeda®

PT_2021-09_SIMEDA-COMPATIBILITY 09.09.2021 PDF, 136 KB Download

Manual CAD/CAM

Manual de design para próteses personalizadas
PT_2021-04_MANUEL-CAD-CAM 01.04.2021 PDF, 2 MB Download

Simeda® Prazos De Entraga

PT_2020_SimedaPrazosDeEntraga 06.05.2021 PDF, 525 KB Download

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