Straumann® Smart

Immerse to succeed.

Discover the world of implant dentistry with us. Straumann® Smart is a holistic solution specifically developed to enable dentists to successfully place and/or restore dental implants in straightforward patient cases. It has been designed to help dental professionals establish and grow their implant business quickly and with confidence by providing an excellent combination of training formats, communication guidelines and marketing services.

Classroom Training

An onsite curriculum combining clinical education and practical product training tailored to the needs of starters.

Online Training

Unique online education platform allowing dentists to update their knowledge 24/7.


One-to-one supervision by experienced implantologists to build confidence and provide peace of mind.

Simple product portfolio

Focus on a limited number of key products to reduce complexity.

Lab Communication

Guidelines on when and what to communicate to the dental technician.

Practice and patient marketing

Training and demonstration materials for patient consultation as well as tools for online and offline practice marketing.

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