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    Straumann Group

  • Maximize efficiency with a partner you can trust.

    Straumann® Prosthetic Selection Guide

  • The first step to harmonious soft-tissue healing.

    Straumann® Ceramic Healing Abutments

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  • For situations requiring added flexibility.

    Straumann® Screw-retained Abutment - new design

  • A cassette that grows with you.

    Straumann® Modular Cassette

  • The place to be in dentistry.


  • Straumann at the EAO 2019
    Lisbon, Portugal - September 26-28

    Predictability & Immediacy

  • New confidence, flexibility and efficiency with one system.

    Straumann® Pro Arch BLX

  • Outstanding aesthetics results.
    Healthy peri-implant conditions.

    Straumann® Ceramic Implant Systems

  • Making clear aligner therapy more tenable.

    Straumann® DenToGo™

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  • Capture each note.

    Straumann® Virtuo Vivo™ Intraoral Scanner

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  • High performance. Low temperature.

    Straumann® VeloDrill™ System

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  • Simply doing more for dental professionals.

    Welcome to Straumann

  • Immerse to succeed. Discover the world of implant dentistry with us.

    Straumann® Smart

  • The place to be in dentistry.


  • We are changing Dentistry. Be part of it.