Anna and the lion

The lion is the hero of our BLX campaign. Anna, the little girl, is the secret star. Anna and the lion represent a story about confidence. But what do a brave little girl and a lion have in common with a leading provider of dental products? 

The story behind

The idea was born during the creative process of ideation by our technical teams, inventors and engineers. The BLX dental implant system development process was heavily inspired by nature, bionics and biomechanics that lead to intelligent bone management. The “lion claw” inspired the shape of key product components. Straumann’s role as the confident and undisputed leader in implantology led to the idea of the lion analogy as the embodiment of leadership.

But an implant system is nothing without confident and skilled dentists who fully trust the system. And patients who fully trust their dentist to make the right choice. That’s why another protagonist was needed, Anna. Anna came into play as the disruptive element of suspense. How can a young innocent girl dare to approach the lion? And why? Obviously, the girl shows utmost confidence getting closer and closer to the lion. The full story will unravel over the coming months as we decided to make it a story, also for kids. Learn more by exploring the site.

Please note: At no moment in the production of the marketing materials neither a real lion was used, nor did we interfere with nature, nor was the little girl put in a dangerous or uncomfortable situation.