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How to become a TLX expert

The Straumann® TLX Implant System is built on a strong basis of scientific studies. Moreover, an extensive range of educational materials is available to help you implement the new concept and boost the success of your practice. It starts with how-to-use videos on YouTube, practical trainings and webinars by Straumann®, and is not limited to textbooks, curricula and events organized by the ITI.

Straumann Courses

On SKILL, the Straumann Group Training Platform, you will find training opportunities at all levels (register now to book available courses).

Discover the Continuous Education Package

See the discover TLX web page for details about the new implant system. For a deeper look the “Continuous education package” tells you all you want to know about Tissue Level implants (scroll down the long page or click point #6 on the small navigation bar on the right).

Global Virtual Symposia

Get updated on many hot topics in implantology, with a focus on the new Straumann® TLX Implant System. In two virtual symposia renowned clinicians from all over the world present data and their own experience concerning tissue stability, prosthetic versatility and patient-oriented implantology.

TLX on Youtube

Watch our playlist of TLX related video clips and learn more about the amazing technology behind.

Training and Education, provided by Straumann®

Your success is our success. Dentistry is evolving from clinical, economic and practice organizational standpoints. We can therefore provide education in all these fields and more. Our offers are based on partnership, and extensive exchange with experts.

Professional networking with the ITI

The International Team for Implantology (ITI) is a global association of professionals in implant dentistry. With its comprehensive educational services, the ITI’s objective is to foster in-depth networking, discussion and exchange of knowledge.

Read these ITI blog articles concerning the Straumann® TLX implant system:

ITI Blog: “Why am I doing this?”

Majd Al Mardini on why you should always carefully reflect on your decisions: “Why am I placing this implant? Am I replacing a missing tooth? Restoring esthetics? Providing function? Or am I doing something at a deeper level such as restoring confidence? Building a personality? Improving self-esteem? Uncovering the deeper meaning and the sense of purpose of why you are doing something is very important.


Download brochures, videos, animations, scientific evidence, catalogs and references.

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