Patients’ expectations​

Whatever it takes – there is a solution.

Whether you are looking for high-end esthetic results, have special medical conditions, want to profit from shorter treatment times, need a single-tooth replacement or a complete set of new teeth, your dentist can provide you with a dedicated solution based on our vast choice of implants, prosthetics, materials and modern digital technologies.

It’s got to be affordable

The cost of implant treatment varies depending on your case and expectations. Based on our vast choice, ranging from the most sophisticated to the straight forward, you will find a premium solution tailored to your needs and financial situation. Whatever your needs and expectations, learn more about your possibilities and ask your dentist for details.

It must last

At Straumann we are proud of our scientifically proven excellence. For decades we have been committed to technological innovation and uncompromising quality. Long-term clinical studies on implants show success and survival rates of 97% to 100%*. The studies show that 10 years after implantation, these implants were still working fine in 97% to 100% of cases.

High-end esthetics

Esthetics is one of the key triggers in mankind. Naturally, you are seeking high-end esthetic dental care. But what makes an esthetic new smile? The artificial tooth must be in perfect harmony with the surrounding teeth. You want to have healthy gum tissue that covers the tooth’s roots and lines up naturally with the rest of your smile. The prosthetic parts must perfectly match in color, form and size. This demands a seamless collaboration of partners: dentist, dental laboratory and dental solutions provider. We all work towards one common goal - to provide patients with high-end esthetics and premium outcomes. Accordingly, we collaborate closely and co-create with world-leading dentists and dental labs, while making use of our own high-tech lab facilities.  

A ceramic alternative close to nature

There are several reasons to look for an alternative material. You might want a metal-free solution, or you simply have the highest esthetic demands. Ceramic implants are the most natural choice of material, being close to nature. They are colored like a natural tooth root and do not even shine through in thin gingiva types. The result of 12 years of research is a ceramic solution designed to meet your high esthetic needs without compromising on quality. The high-performance zirconia ceramic material is even stronger than grade-4 titanium implants.

Implant treatment despite challenging health conditions

Implant treatment despite challenging health conditions

Are you diabetic or have you had radiotherapy in the head-neck region? Then you might be concerned about having reduced healing capabilities. Two of the Straumann innovations, an exceptional implant material and a unique surface technology have proven to be an extraordinarily successful in compromised health conditions**. This ensures not only faster healing but also more predictable and reliable results comparable with those in healthy individuals.

Shorter treatment time and immediate provisional teeth

Dental implant treatment requires a series of appointments and time for the implant to heal. In a so-called immediate procedure, the treatment can be shortened, and you won’t have to expose a tooth gap after implant placement.

Tooth removal (if required), implant placement and a provisional prosthetic restoration will normally be performed in one step. The dentist will assess your dental and medical history, clarify your expectations and explain your different treatment options. For a successful immediate treatment procedure, it is vital that the dental implant(s) can be securely stabilized and anchored into the bone immediately when inserted.

Help wound healing and minimize discomfort

We have a unique gel that contains specific natural proteins. When applied during surgery, it stimulates cells and biological processes that are fundamental for wound healing. You deserve well-being and fast recovery, ask your dentist.

Digital innovation for you

Digital innovation for you

The use of digital technologies is key in modern dentistry. They bring advantages for dental professionals, dental laboratories and, in the end, for patients.

Dentists can plan and verify in advance where to place a dental implant. Digitally produced surgical guides help the dentist place the implant. Intraoral scanners make the annoying dental impression obsolete.

Dental laboratories can design and produce your crown, bridge or complete set of new teeth using digital data of your mouth. They can do this in advance so that you can receive your new teeth on the day of extraction. The results look highly esthetic as the laboratory can customize the restoration based on your individual situation.

Digital innovation even helps to check your oral health status and to communicate remotely with a dentist. A technique that is heavily used in teeth alignment procedures.

All these techniques are designed to make dental treatment more efficient, convenient and help save time and money.

Individual solutions for partially or fully edentulous patients

Edentulism is more present in all societies than many people think – and is often treated with dentures which can have their drawbacks. Today, more and more people are choosing dental implant solutions over dentures for smile restoration. Because one size doesn’t fit all, we provide a wide range of treatment options to restore your upper or lower jaw with dental implants and an entire dental prosthesis – according to your individual situation and your and your dentist’s choice.

Straight teeth with nearly invisible aligners

Straight teeth look esthetic, but wires and brackets don’t. Custom-fitted clear aligners may be an alternative to correct crooked teeth. Nearly invisible and comfortable to wear, clear aligners can correct tooth positions without the hassle of traditional orthodontics.


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