Straumann Play S01: “Digital for your dental practice” with Dr. Hugo Madeira

Ep. 1: The Social Media Mix

In this episode, Dr. Hugo Madeira talks about the importance of having a social media strategy, which also includes the challenges of social media, how/what content to share on the different channels and how to measure your impact.

Digitalization is one of the most discussed topics at the moment. In today’s world where access to information is at everyone’s fingertips, a 24/7 presence has become more and more important since patients are constantly looking for medical information online. In addition to the importance of promoting your dental practice on digital channels, digital technologies have also become part of dentistry itself, allowing procedures to become more precise, quick and comfortable for patients. “Digital for your dental practice” with Dr. Hugo Madeira, the first season of Straumann Play, explores all these different aspects of being an up-to-date “digital” dentist: from digital marketing topics to the promotion of your dental practice, as well as introducing you to the main aspects of the digital dentistry workflow. 

Straumann ebook “Dental practice online marketing”.

About Dr. Hugo Madeira: Dentist focusing exclusively on implantology, esthetics and digital workflows. CEO and founder of Clinic of Advanced Implantology (Clínica de Implantologia Avançada, Lisbon, Portugal), founded 10 years ago, with the collaboration of over 20 doctors and 70 resources in total. Clinical collaborator for the Straumann Group, including product testing, lecturing, creation and delivery of educational content. Regular presence on Portuguese TV program sharing clinical cases with the goal of increasing patient awareness of implant therapy. Speaker at national and international levels. Coach for Implantology, Advanced Oral Surgery and Digital Workflow in live and online courses at the Lisbon Dentistry Academy founded by him.

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