Restorative Dentistry 360

Optimize treatment quality and reduce variability in care delivery throughout the restorative pathway.

DSOs are struggling to find comprehensive solutions that improve clinical efficiencies across the network while improving the quality of the care provided. The restorative solutions that currently exist simply cannot in themselves provide support on the scale that DSOs need.

60% rate maturity level low

60% of DSOs rated the current maturity of their efforts to harmonize and digitize workflows across their network and treatments as intermediate or lower.1

Challenges DSO are facing when trying to harmonize and digitize workflows in Restorative and Implant Dentistry

Identify growth levers

How to drive same store growth by shifting to higher end treatments & improving in-practice conversion?

Efficiency gaps

How to overcome the lack of efficiency and consistency in implant delivery throughout the network?

Fast growing networks

How to ensure standardization and create a benchmark of clinical excellence?

Restorative Dentistry 360

An end-to-end DSO solution that streamlines restorative and implant treatment workflows and ensures consistent high-quality outcomes.

See how the innovative end-to-end Restorative Dentistry 360 solution is applied to the patient treatment journey to maintain a high standard of care and optimize operational efficiencies.


1    ... to identify and engage with patients?

2    ... to harmonize the quality of your diagnostic data?

3    ... to increase case acceptance?

4    ... to harmonize the quality of your treatment delivery across our network?

5    ... to monitor clinical and operational performance and increase reputation?

6    ... to cope with your practice management and daily operations?

Unlock the potential of oral health


  Boston Consulting Group DSO Benchmarking Study 2021