Product exchange and availability

Customers are requested to return all unused Myriad implants and abutments to the Straumann Group with proof of purchase for authentication. In exchange they will receive an equivalent number of Neodent® Neoporus implants and an equivalent number of corresponding abutments free of charge.

The Group is committed to ensuring that customer needs for replacement prosthetics can be met. It is also committed to addressing equinox Myriad warranty claims within warranty conditions, which include authentication (e.g. proof of purchase).  

With effect of 13 August, the Group requests customers not to place Myriad implants and to return them together with other equinox/Myriad components to the Straumann Group for exchange. This will help to minimize potential need for replacement Myriad prosthetics in the future.

Customers who have recently placed Myriad implants, which have not yet been restored, should be able to obtain corresponding abutments / prosthetic components but may experience delays. The company apologizes for any inconvenience experienced. It is committed to providing abutment solutions as soon as possible.   

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the equinox/Myriad implant system or if you would like further information on Neodent or other Straumann Group products and solutions please contact the email addresses below or your local Straumann Group organization.